We cannot ignore how the increasing number of people who use the internet.

According to Statista, about 62% of the world’s population has access to the internet and utilizes it. 

This means that a lot of people are on the internet.

This means that there are lots of opportunities to scale your business like building your digital presence, expanding your digital footprint, access to analyze competitors, and studying and understanding your target audience.

Small business owners are utilizing the internet as we have seen lots of business on social media platforms

Do you know that an average person visits the internet about four to five times daily which equals about 5.6 billion searches each day across the world?

As a creative business owner, this means that with a website that creates searchable content you can reach a lot more people.

In this blog post, we explore the importance of owning a website as a creative business owner and how it can be beneficial to your business when utilized properly.

We dive deep into the major importance of owning a website.

1. Website Increases Your Business Discoverability

An average person conducts a search on the internet four to five times daily, a search is carried out for various reasons. It could be to buy a product,  check reviews of a product, check for a service in their location or find answers to a problem.

Search engines generate answers to a search based on how the internet user inputs their questions but websites with the answer they need appear almost immediately after a search occurs.

Every day we have over 5.6 billion searches carried out on various search engines, this means that with a single website created for your business you can appear on any search engine if your website contains results an internet user is searching for.

The more discoverable you are on the internet, the more leads you generate that can patronize your business and increase revenue for your business.

2. Websites Can Reduce The Operational Cost of Running A Business

Whether we started a business from our passion or to try something new, we are all in business to make a profit because that is what keeps a business running.

We also need a business to be up and running to generate more revenue, in the past years, getting a store, employing a sales representative and always opening your physical store was a major way to keep a business running.

Sometimes, we end up incurring losses as some businesses never get clients even when the physical store was open.

Owning a website is more cost-effective, your website exists and with the technology like chatbots, an automated reply box, frequently asked question section of your site a user who needs your services can contact you as this technology operate 24/7 so even when you aren’t available they can carry out various activities like making a payment, booking an appointment, getting answers to their frequently asked question, checking past work.

This doesn’t only help with reducing the operational cost of running a small business, it also enhances a wonderful customer experience this can be beneficial to your business as people are more likely to shop from a business that has a seamless transaction process.

3. Websites Help with Implementation of Marketing and Sales Processes

Jobs’ theory states explain the idea behind customers’ behaviour when making purchase decisions. People buy what is useful and can help solve their challenges and get the job done at the moment.

Let’s say a prospect needs to feel special on their birthday, if celebrating it makes them feel special, they would find an event planner to help them get the job done.

Major factors like accessibility, convenience and credibility also influence customer behaviour when making a purchase.

Owning a website makes it easier to implement factors to promote customer purchase decisions. A quick search on google to find a product or service with a google rating is easier than searching for a service provider.

58% of individuals who shop online said they found a product or service from search engines.

A website that also provides adequate information on its products and service with useful cont that could help its customers build credibility in the long run.

The ease of getting a product or service online has fostered more growth in online shopping as it is less stressful to shop from a website instead of going to a physical store.

All of these increase the likelihood of a person buying a product or service for small businesses because of a smooth sales process, as a small business owner you also have data to understand customer behaviour.


There are many benefits of having a website as a small business owner, it doesn’t end with these three benefits stated above.

In this digital age where more than half of the world’s population uses the internet, it is essential to create a website for your small business as it is also visual evidence that your business exists.

Creating a functional website as a business owner is effective to help your business grow, so think of a functional website as an investment.

Key Takeaways

  • The number of internet users is increasing and it’s a huge opportunity for a small business owner.
  • Owning a functioning website can improve your small business performance.

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