The content creation process is such a lengthy one for a lot of creative business owners. However, you can have a headstart in your creation process by repurposing previous content.

Content repurposing simply means reusing an existing piece of content in a new format. This doesn’t only save time but can be beneficial to creative businesses just starting out as it is cost-effective.

 When it comes to content repurposing, some creators have no experience on how to begin.

In this blog post, we discussed three ways to recycle your existing content.

1. Turn Long Form Content To Bite Sizes

When it comes to allocating time and reading long-form content on the internet some people will skim through looking for the essential points in the article or fast forward a video until they find the part that they need.

This goes to show that people sometimes need short content that is precise and goes straight to the point.

More people are using their mobile phones to access content which means that they can engage more with snackable sizes of content like sharing across other platforms.

2. Repurpose Existing Content To Align With Other Platform Strategy

Each social media channel has its own form of required content format. If you check out platforms like Instagram, images and video form of content performs well unlike Twitter where short text format performs great.

A common mistake that creatives make is reposting the same piece of content across all social media platforms, this reduces the content performance rate as people aren’t familiar with the format of content on that social channel.

It is recommended that you study each social channel you want to be on focus on as a creative business owner and repurpose your existing content to align with the social platform you choose.

3. Update Old Content

Updating old content helps you as a brand provide relevant and new information to both old and new audiences.

This also refreshes your content cycle, as it will no longer be in the maturity stage where it declines, this means that you are simply re-marketing it after the update.

It is important to select the best-performing content to update regularly as this helps boost the performance even better.


Creative business owners often neglect the importance of content repurposing, creating and publishing content isn’t all that there is to boost content performance.

Content repurposing is also vital to increase the lifespan of your content and remarket it to your audience.

Let us know in the comments which one of these ways are you repurposing your content next.