The beautiful thing about Content Marketing is how well it ages. So even if you do not see the results now, be assured that your content, even if old, is still going to be relevant to someone years from now. Archives are still good materials.


Tips for improving the content marketing

  1. Define your content goals. A lot of businesses come onto content marketing because they have seen other companies gain success with it. So they just get on and expect results like the ones they have seen. Truth is, content marketing without goals is just like doing a lot of work without pay. By identifying what you want to achieve with content marketing—could it be to drive a specific measure of traffic to your site, or increase awareness—you would create content much easier and it will b more actionable. Remember, goals have to be measurable and specific too.
  2. Stay up to date on current trends in the industry. Dedicate at least 7 hours per month to professional development and learning. Be sure to upgrade daily. 30 minutes every day is more than enough, to be honest.
  3. Analyze your Content Marketing channels often. This tip is for more experienced content markets. Content Marketing is broad enough to have channels and sub-channels and if you’re doing it, you most often have a way of measuring your performances across these channels. If you are tracking these channels you will often know when one has begun to have problems. What you will do is test iterations of it. That is try different approaches. Say your podcast is no longer getting the kind of views it has. You can employ your data to narrow the problem and then try to fix it. If it is working do not change it, but if it isn’t, try to fix it.
  4. Learn from User-generated content. By consuming UGCs, you will be more in tune with your audience and will be the first to know when trends are on the horizon.
  5. Content distribution is key. It is no good if you have content and no means to distribute it. Content Distribution simply means getting your content to those who need it. Technology like SEO can help you do that, but there is no work better than handwork.