The beautiful thing about Content Marketing is how well it ages. So even if you do not see the results now, be assured that your content, even if old, is still going to be relevant to someone years from now. Archives are still good materials.

What is Content Marketing?


What do you need to understand before you start Content Marketing?

  • Position Your Brand – The Marketplace, like any jungle, has a hierarchy and finding your place in it is easier for you in the long run. With proper positioning, you can attract the kinds of audiences you need.
    Who are my existing and potential customers?
    What kind of experience are they looking for?
    What is the competitive landscape?
    How do my top competitors market their brands?
  • Understand what is going to be unique about your own content
    What value is your content bringing to the people in the market
  • Ask yourself why you want to do content marketing; What do you aim to get from it? Identify the business goals. This is important.


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