The average person is exposed to over 6000 content daily on social media which typically is an advertisement.

It is advisable your content is fully optimized across all social platforms.

So you are not just posting but getting prospects, building brand awareness or getting people talking about your products or services.

Let’s explain the essential things you should be doing for your social media content to convert in the year 2022.


1. Research on User Intent: Your content ideas are great, but most people who would visit your page and engage your content are people who gain value from your content, ideally running a content gap analysis would help you understand the content your audiences want and what type of content you should work on.  In order to fully optimize your content for conversion, ensure you tailor your content to meet the audience’s needs so when your content appeals to them, they stick around.


2. Define Content Goal: A recent survey shows that more than 80% of businesses do not track their goals or keep a record of their goals. When you create content for social media marketing there should always be a way to measure the success of the campaign. Ensure that you have an idea of why you create content, it might look like this:

          ◼   Becoming an authority in your industry.

          ◼  Getting more web visits or signups.

          ◼  Increasing your digital footprint as a brand.

          ◼  Increasing the conversion rate.

        When you have an idea, ensure you have a strategy by making sure your goals are:

Specific: Be precise about the goals you want to achieve on social media, if getting more conversation rate is the goal, how much increase are you aiming for?

Measurable: How do you measure your return on social media marketing? How do you tell if it was a success or it failed? Ensure you have metrics assigned to each goal that can determine the success of each content goal.

Achievable: Every content goal you set must be evaluated to see if it can be done, what social media tools are needed to help you attain these goals, are there social media trends in 2022 that would help your content perform better? How can you break a major content goal into smaller achievable goals?

Relevant: Every content goal you set must be within your capacity to achieve, Your content goals should also be tied to your social media marketing goals and you should also not set content goals that require capabilities you do not have to achieve.

Time-Bound: It is also important you have a time frame to meet your content goal.

Pro-Tip: When creating content always have a clear call to action that aligns with the content goal.


3. Understand Social Platform Intent: Social media is a great tool to reach a global audience and there are various types of social media platforms like photo-sharing platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, discussion platforms like Reddit, Quora, blogging platforms like Medium, Tumblr, Twitter, even audio platform like Club House, all of which requires a different form of social media content ranging from carousels, single pictures, written articles, videos and audio. Each platform has its unique strength to know what type of content would be perfect for the social media platform you choose to post your content.



4. Develop a Social Media Calendar:  Creating content is great, but a social media calendar is like the icing on a piece of the cake, delivering quality social media content that is relevant would not only increase your brand authority ranking, It enhances a great user experience on your social media pages over time. All of these factors enhance the conversion rate.

Finally, it is important to know that social media is ever-changing and keeping up with the trend is one way to stay ahead in your content game.

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