What is social media content, and what is a target audience?


Why should anyone want their social media content displayed to target audience?


So how do we make this happen? What specifically do we have to do to make the content visible?

  • First things first, you have to know your audience. You do not have to be Google to know, but you can get about them; get it and record it. Compile data. Draw on a whiteboard if you must. And you do not do this one time, you continue to do this. Your target audience are like your children. Make it a point to record something new about them daily. And then do a weekly roundup. You should update your buyer persona constantly. By knowing them, you can make content that captures their attention. You can learn about your audience until creating content for them becomes like muscle memory.


  • Find which social media channels they live on. I You can’t deliver content to a place where the people who would take action on that content aren’t. It doesn’t make any sense. Now, when seeking places to be, you can create a mind map that describes how many of them are in said places to various degrees. This will help you distribute your content better. You will get better engagement because you are dropping a matchstick into fuel. There is a greater chance of catching a French person in France than in Kenya. So run your ads where your target audience can easily find them.


  • The next point is to understand what your target audience is looking for at every social media channel. People get on different platforms for different reasons. It could be a personal need; they could want to learn something or share in a special experience, or an external demand; someone or a brand brought them there, and they want to connect with that person. Whatever the reason, they have certain expectations, and knowing those expectations can just plug your content with the right spark to increase its visibility. 


  • Monitor your competitors. So your competitors are people that are already doing what you are doing, and your audiences likely overlap. If they are competing with you, that means they are already finding some success in their doings. This means that if you study what they are doing, you can create a strategy that works insanely for you as it has worked on what they are already doing. Competitors have been copying each other for millennia. In a way, they are here to help you. When you look at your competitor, you can see who is responding to their posts, determine who they are targeting, and start to target individuals like the people your competitors are talking to.


Humans are consistently consuming and filtering what they are consuming each day. There are days when that filter system can just glitch–because humanity. You can exploit it. One thing we keep drumming into our ears is consistency. So keep at it. Keep trying to grab their attention consistently, and someday, even the haters who actively resist your brand will fall.