In today’s podcast, we will be walking you through 3 ways through which you can find a specific niche for your business and better define your unique selling point.

  •  How can you break your industry into smaller categories?
  • What is the best way to discover problems that you can solve?
  • Do you struggle with getting customers or positioning your brand for success in your industry?

A niche is a smaller subset of a larger whole. It is important to identify a sub category in your industry that  you can get into.

Perhaps, it’s time to niche down and pick a smaller target audience that works for you and delivers true value.

Always ask yourself: “How can I achieve this?”

Don’t say: “That’s not possible”

Instead, ask positive questions. Always open up your mind and speak creatively. It is important to also discuss solutions and not problems.

These would help you sell creatively.