An open letter to every Nigerian who never wants to be broke or borrow money again

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"I want to do a MAHOOSIVE shout out to Dahlia. If you’re looking for someone amazing to help you with your social media…this is your lady. She has made such a difference in my business 🙏"

Karen Kissane
(Award-winning Business Coach)

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Anna Anderson
(Life Coach and Amazon Best-selling Author)

We experienced substantial growth in our community and business as a result of the consistency and the top-quality production from Dahlia.

Adiel Desmond
(Founder, Betterman Initiative Africa)

Would you like to build a business that makes you so much money that you can afford to move out of your parents house, support yourself (and your family), and live and work on your own terms?

Then this is for you!

In 1 year, I went from ₦500,000 in debt,
To over $29,000 in revenue

By this time last year, I was in deep soup.
I had borrowed from family, borrowed from friends, and even gotten to the point where my “helpers” were no longer picking my calls or answering my texts. (I know, so embarrassing).

I had been running my first business as a side-business for around two years and I had literally run it to the ground. Not to mention we were in the middle of a pandemic and the business was at a stand-still.

I was tired of being broke, tired of promising myself that I would leave my father’s house just to find out that I didn’t even have enough money for rent.

What I wanted most in the world was time freedom and financial freedom. To be honest, I knew I had the knowledge, expertise, and experience, but I just didn’t have the customers.

Fast forward to today, November 2021, as I write this letter to you, with over $30,000 generated in revenue and a team of 4 working with me in one of my businesses.

What happened in the span of 1 year?
Simple. I got the right support for my business.

I’m going to tell you something you’ve probably heard 1 million times – Building a successful business is hard work!

There are so many pieces of the puzzle that come together to make things move in your business, but the most important factor that no one will tell you is this: YOU NEED SUPPORT FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

  1. You need content support, because content is the digital currency of the new decade and no online business can survive without it
  2. You need marketing support, because marketing leads to sales, and a business is not complete without sales.
  3. And most importantly, you need networking support. Because with one simple referral, the trajectory of your business can change forever

Very simple.

If you’re reading this you’re probably a new or aspiring entrepreneur trying to build a successful business and make that money so you can finally live your life the way you want to.

Or perhaps you’ve been in business for a while now, and you’ve not broken even, or made nearly enough money to keep you going.

Or maybe you’re my favourite kind of person, a creative. You like to lead with your heart and do what you love to do. You’re a photographer or writer or developer or designer or some kind of artist. But you would love more than anything to actually get paid well for your work, and throw away all those frustrating clients that don’t appreciate your creative genius.

I want to teach you how to build a thriving and profitable business so you never have to be broke or borrow money again.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

The short answer is that I'm the lady who will transform the way you do business forever.


But the long answer is that my name is Dahlia E. Akhaine. I am a Product Manager, a Software Developer, and a certified Digital Marketing Strategist.

I am the Founder of a 7-figure digital marketing agency and a 5-figure stock photography business. But nothing brings me more joy than helping creatives and SME's win at the game of online business.

I have helped to train and teach hundreds of new and aspiring entrepreneurs in different aspects of running a business such as email, social media, web development, blogs and podcasts, campaign management, etc.

And now, I'm putting together all of this into an online membership that gives you the support you need to grow a profitable business online.

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Monthly Stock Photos

You get instant access to high-quality premium stock photos to use for your social media, email marketing, website, and upcoming projects.

New photos added every month!

Monthly Business Masterclass

Every month, we release a new masterclass to teach you the elements of building a growing a profitable busienss. From customer service, to seasonal selling, and even content creation.

Monthly Expert Session

Every month, we source one top-notch expert in their field to speak with our members and provide a hands on workshop to help them grow. From legal, to accounting, to medical, we've got you covered.

Monthly Goal-setting and Planning Workshop

Plan your month ahead, set your goals and state your intentions for the month with us. Then work through your plan of action to meet those goals.

Monthly Virtual Meetups

What good is a community if you don't get to meet other members, network, learn and share your experience? Who knows? Your next business partner, client or customer could be your fellow member.

Monthly Coaching Call

We host monthly coaching calls with our expert of the month to answer your questions and learn from the experience of others.

What do you really get
by becoming a member?

  1. You get Increased reach and visibility in the online space
  2. You get a clearer understanding of your product/ service – which enables you to sell 10x better
  3. You feel supported and surrounded by a community of like-minded people instead of feelings of confusion and overwhelm
  4. You get more clients/ customers
  5. You have more time on your hands to enjoy yourself
  6. You have clearer goals and a plan to achieve them
  7. You can afford to move out of your parent’s house, and live life on your own terms.

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How much does all this cost?

Monthly Premium Stock Photos

₦350,000 Value

Monthly Marketing Support: Business Masterclass, Expert Workshop, Coaching call

₦390,000 Value

Networking Support: Virtual meetups, Goal setting and planning workshop

₦470,000 Value

But we're giving all this away at a 99% discount of ₦9,997/ month

But that's not all...You also get access to these bonuses...

✅ Social media profile audit e-book (₦10,000 value)

✅ CEO Self-care package (₦25,000 value)

✅ Build your business Bootcamp (₦50,000 value)

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Our Full-proof Guarantee

We want to make this as stress-free and risk-free for you as possible.
If you join the membership and you don’t feel it’s the right place for you, simply cancel anytime, and you can keep all your bonuses worth ₦85,000!

No hassle, no fuss!

"Dahlia gave me an easy system for tons of content ideas. I never thought it was possible for me to be excited to create content, but I am now. She also shifted my mindset to see content as a priority for the success of my business"

Lucia Garcia Alvarez

"Dahlia helped me work out what my content goals are. She equipped me with the keys and tools to create my content. I would whole-heartedly recommend Dahlia, she has changed my life"

Bianca Rochelle

"Dahlia provided me with highly effective strategies for my business. I am also more confident. Even at moments, I felt low, she encouraged me to really push myself forward."

Vanda Szabo

Take a sneak peek at some of the results I've been able to see in my business using the same methods I teach

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Even if you skipped everything in this open letter, read this

I want to end this letter on this note. A year ago, I was over ₦500,000 in debt, and had little to no cash at hand.

But I will tell you something: I 100% knew I would pay off my debts and make double, even triple of that money back.

How did I know this?

Simply because I am the kind of person who is more than ready to put in the work and do everything in her power to become financially independent.

If you’re looking for a Ponzi scheme, or someone to promise you ₦1,000,000 in 7 days, then you can exit this page right now as this membership is not for you.

This membership is for people who are ready to show up, learn, do the work, and enjoy the benefits.

I promise to give you all the support that you need to build a profitable business online, and see the results I’ve seen.

And remember my guarantee, if you join and you don’t feel it’s the right place for you, simply cancel anytime, and you can keep all your bonuses worth ₦85,000!

I leave you with one simple question: where do you want to be a year from today?
The choice is yours.

Sending you good vibes and positive energy


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