In today’s world of the internet, the image of your business in the public is something that attention must be paid to. Building a business has slightly changed over the years because of the presence of social media.

Expanding the digital footprint as a creative or small business owner on social media is now an integral part that cannot be ignored. 

This means that we have more businesses with social media presence and as expected people have a set of expectations, experiences or memories about these businesses on social media.

Personal branding for your social media will help you shape public opinion of your business through consistent interactions with your target audience.

In this blog, we discuss the necessary steps to build a personal brand on social media as a creative.

1. Create a Brand Persona

At the heart of personal branding lies a persona, this is the image usually human people see when they think of your brand.

This includes a collection of your brand personality traits, values and attitude. There are different ways to create a brand persona for your business.

One simple way is first understanding the core of your business.

Why are you in a specific business?

What are your values?

How do you plan to achieve your business goals?

In what tone would you communicate these to your audience?

2. Build a Relationship 

Which do you prefer, having a salesman you are acquainted with come your way or one you are not acquainted with? Exactly! You are more likely to patronize the one who comes around frequently.

The same can happen when building a personal brand for your business on social media. You can build a relationship with your audience as this can also help you understand their needs and how best you can fulfil them.

3. Define The Problem You Solve

Customers love it when they see a business that can deliver on a problem. Most companies don’t understand this and present themselves as “just a business.”

Showing you are very excited about solving problems in your industry is one way to be known for something on social media that can contribute to personal branding.

While trying to show your willingness in solving problems, you can also show your audience your experiences in providing solutions to the issues they face.

This strengthens their trust in your brand. Sharing knowledge is another way to tell them things they might not know about their products. A good percentage of personal branding lies in being known for something.


Personal branding on social media for your business could be tasking. However, its dividends can be immense and beneficial for your business. 

From gaining visibility online, leveraging on relationships to build partnerships, getting more referrals, interacting with your audience, and becoming an authority in your industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Building a brand on social media can amplify your business.
  • Developing a brand persona helps you as a business owner understand your own brand better.