Being a photographer who takes images for stock sites will always leave you asking, “what else can I capture?

This is a common worry for stock photographers.

Whether you are just starting as a beginner or you have been capturing stock images for a while now, capturing the right image that other people will find relevant is the goal.

This does not just only requires effort, it also means having the right inspiration to shoot the right images.

In this blog post, we will discuss helpful tips on capturing relevant stock images this month.

1. Capture Live Events Happening

This month happens to have a lot of relevant events happening this month. Events like children’s day, democracy day, and workers’ day.

Stock images for these national events are also highly requested by some small businesses to create social media posts or graphics for these events.

2. Capture Trending Issues Around You

Understanding issues that are happening at a specific time is also another way to capture relevant stock images.

Most news agencies and blogs will be needing some images when reporting these issues.

Some current issues include the presidential political primary, fuel scarcity, increase in food prices. 

An important thing to note when taking stock images like this is to always remember how they can be used and captured in the right resolution.

3. Capture Most Searched Images Online

Business owners and individuals search for images to use for their projects online. You can cater for that need, go online and look for the most searched stock images online.

It is important to niche it down to your geographic location or a niche industry you will like to capture.

However, for this step, you will need to research on the internet.

You can use tools like Google Trends and Answer the Public to search for the most searched stock images.


Capturing stock images that will not be used with hopes that they will be relevant someday can mean a waste of time and resources.

When it comes to stock photography, capturing relevant images and meeting the site’s recommended resolution is what matters.

For photographers, to get the best stock images means researching, planning and ensuring your pictures meet the stock site’s standard.

If you are a stock photographer who captures within Africa, Tristetix is a pan-African stock site that accepts stock images and helps creative business owners develop the right skills to monetize their work.

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