Business owners and creatives know the importance of marketing and some have invested in the marketing over the years. However content marketing is ever evolving and to succeed business owners and creatives must be aware of changes and keep up with those changes.

In the coming year, the emergence of  new content marketing trends are rendering old ones obsolete. As a result content marketers, business owners, and creatives need to understand the growing trends. 

This article covers the top content marketing trends to jump on.


1. The Creation Of Mobile Friendly Content.

Over 54.4 % of the searches on the internet happen from mobile phones, and mobile phones are only going to keep proliferating in every part of the world. This simply means that you have more users consuming your content with mobile phones. Your content strategy should include making content that is appealing to mobile-users. That way the audience you are reaching still finds your content valuable and easy to consume.



2. The Increase In Demand For Video Marketing.

Marketing through videos is a trend that is continuing to grow as more businesses and creatives has realized numerous benefits of video content. Aside the credibility video content builds, across social media we have also seen the rise in demand for video content as Instagram introduced reels, LinkedIn has a live feature, Facebook included stories, TikTok became the fastest growing social platform.

One major reason there is an increase in video marketing is because it is easily consumed by the audience and has a longer life span amongst other form of content. If you need more information on video marketing, 



3. The Use Of Chatbots.

The use of AIs and chatbots have continued to be utilized by more brands and creatives. When properly used, chatbots can create memorable experiences for users. As chatbots interact more with users, brands and organizations can continue to understand their users’ intent,  meet customer’s urgent needs and improve customer’s experience

Several social media platform like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram makes it easier to use this feature as chatbots can be customized into helpful features like quick replies and FAQs.



4. The Creation Of User-Generated Content and User Directed Content

Content marketers are always looking for ways to generate valuable content for their audiences. User generated content is a way of relinquishing some power and control to users and audience, this way users are vested with your brand. 

This is evident with different trends on social media platforms as brands and creatives who are authorities in their industries ensure their content is precise, clear and meets the need of their audience this is the perfect example of how user generated content and user directed content is created.

Businesses and creatives need to look for ways to utilize user generated content to their advantage and we explained that in this article.



5. The Use Of Shoppable Links

Every content has a goal, it’s either to inform, educate or promote sales of a product or service. In the coming year, content marketing will utilize shoppable links these links will allow internet users access products or services they need to without having to leave where they stumbled on the information. The previous year saw a lot of brands and organizations invest in shoppable links, and it also became a trend on social media. This trend is going to continue in the coming year and content marketers must utilize it . 

6. The Emergence Of Hybrid Agencies.

Content marketing can get overwhelming as this type of marketing requires more research. Some business owners and creatives might have to outsource content creation process or they will have to join communities for support,  this is what creates these hybrid agencies. 

Now marketing agencies can focus on their primary duties that is helping business owners and creatives build thriving businesses and brands with skills they have learnt. This is an increasing practice that  businesses owners  and creatives need to embrace.



7. The Emergence Of Humane Marketing.

The downside to the increase of content marketers is that content might not be as qualitative as they used to be. However, content marketers can bridge this gap to reach more people. 

People engage brands that are inclusive with their contents, especially if they make sincere human connections. 

Businesses and creatives can do this by focusing on community marketing and personalized content experience. If businesses create lasting experiences for their users, they can follow them with conversion and retention strategies.

There is a need to keep up with content marketing trends, but it essential to know that research is very critical when it comes to content marketing as trends can soon die off or probably wouldn’t work for your type of business.

Ensure you plan your content strategy to suit your brand as a business owner or creative as this will be tangible when it comes to developing a content marketing plan, as this can attract the right audience and boost your brand authenticity. 

If you are looking to start content marketing for your brand, we created this guide for you.