We're on a mission to inspire the world through Africa-centered photography.

Creative Thinking

We are creative in our approach, systems, goals, tasks and thinking. We are a mixed breed of thinking inside the box, outside the box and without a box.

Day-to-day Goes All The Way

We understand the importance of day to day activities towards achieveing long terms goals.

Free to Be the Best You Can Be

We balance freedom and self-discipline in delivering customer value on time while taking time for ourselves.

Go For Gold

We put in our best to deliver excellent and quality service every time. We are a trust-worthy, reliable authority

Patience Today, Persistence Always

We are patient in allowing ourselves grow, learn, fail and achieve short term goals and the long term vision

We Before Me

We place higher value over teamwork than personal accomplishments. We operate as a team, lose and win as a team.

"I believe that those who are blessed with a vision to make a change are also burdened with the resolve to think, execute, and make that dream a reality."

Dahlia E. Akhaine

Founder & Creative Director

Born out of a vision to digitize the true nature of Africa, Tristetix is Nigeria’s first stock photography platform built by a community of indigenous photographers with a passion to capture the diversities of our culture, people and lifestyle.

Our primary objective is to support you with the tools and resources you need to build a profitable business online.

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