Made By Hands Series

Dedicated to Artisans and creatives everywhere who create light and magic with their hands everyday, the Made By Hands series covers the lives of some of the top Nigerian creatives who carry out their craft with their hands.
From hair dressing, to writing, to graphics design, and even fashion and cosmetics, what are the top strategies to succeed in these industries?
And what advise do this creatives have for those who are coming after them?

First 90 Days of COVID19 Documentary Series

What would you say to yourself at the beginning of the year 2020?
In this documentary series, Dahlia Akhaine speaks to inspiring people who share the stories of their lives during the first 90 days of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Despite the fact that the pandemic seems to be fading away, it is still very much a reality, as it has affected so many lives in the past couple of years.
Dahlia is on a mission to document our voices in this historic era, and share these real stories.

Project Genesis

Project Genesis is a Tripod series where photographers, creatives, and entrepreneurs take us back in time to explore the start of their creative journeys.
What would they have done differently?
What inspired them to start their business?
What struggles did they have at the beginning, and how did them overcome?
Most importantly, why do they get out of bed every day and do what they love to do more than anything in the world?

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