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You know you have what it takes...

Believe me, I know too!

Whether you're a service provider, coach, consultant, creative or photographer, the bottom line is: you're an expert and you've mastered your craft.

You've spent the last couple of years learning, gaining years of experience and becoming the very best at what you do.

And then, you decided to turn this "hobby" into an actual thing. Something you can get paid for. Something that allows you to work at your own time and on your own terms.

But you soon found out that running a business is hard work...

(A successful one - that is)

How can you manage to post consistently on social media, send out emails regularly, serve existing clients, find new clients, engage with your community...

And still, come up with effective strategies for your sales, marketing, and day-to-day operations?

This Membership is for you if...

  • You would like to convert that "crazy" vision of your business/ brand in your mind into reality.
  • You want to learn how to build a profitable business doing what you love.
  • You feel like you've been running on a hamster wheel of work, and want to get off.
  • You have no motivation or support because no one around you understands or believes in your vision - and you would love a community of people to support you.
  • You don’t know where and how to get all the information you need to grow your brand.
  • All the information you get is overwhelming you and you need someone to carefully lead you through them.
  • You are drenched in the daily activities of running your business and have no time for yourself.
  • You need up-to-date strategies and opportunities that keep you one step ahead in your industry.
  • You are ready to put in the work, and show up for your business every day.

Get Instant access to:

Monthly Business Masterclass

Every month, we share a virtual masterclass specifically tailored to help you grow in one area of business - whether it be sales, marketing, or customer experience.

Virtual Meetups and Workshops

Join us twice a month as we host live virtual meetups and workshops for members to come together, network, share experiences, learn, and grow together.

Unlimited Premium Stock Photographs

Whether it's for social media, email marketing, website design, or your next passion project, our members get unlimited access to premium stock photographs and stock assets.

Marketing Resources

We help you navigate through the ups and downs of marketing and sales in business. No more trying everything and hoping one thing works, no more overwhelming methods you never follow through with.

Learn the marketing methods and sales systems that work for your specific business model.

₦270,000 Monthly Value

Content Resources

Content is the digital currency with which you get clients, partners, raving fans, and everyone in-between. But you shouldn't have to pay for a photoshoot every time you need authentic photos.

We give you instant access to hundreds of premium stock photos for your content needs. And we also give you tons of content ideas and prompts to make the best use of your stock photos.

₦350,000 Monthly Value

A Network of Support

  • We provide a support system for you so you can focus on your creative genius.
  • We help you crush those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • We help you create feasible strategies that work towards your business goals
  • We provide the accountability to keep you on track and keep you going
  • We help you set systems in place to scale to the next level

₦270,000 Monthly Value

Plus these amazing bonuses

Build your business Bootcamp

This completely immersive and comprehensive online Bootcamp will guide you through the foundations of setting up an online business the right way.

₦50,000 value

Social media profile audit e-book

This e-book provides you with simple yet effective checks to audit your social media presence to build a community and get clients/ customers for your business.

₦10,000 value

CEO Self-care package

Avoid burnout and serve your clients much better as you learn to take care of your mental and physical health with this self-care package.

₦25,000 value

Our goal is to teach and support you with the tools and resources you need to attract your ideal audience, serve them, and build a community of clients who love your brand. Clients you'll love to work with.

And we don't stop until you run a profitable business that you love

That's why we're giving you almost ₦1,000,000 worth of value for a 99% discounted price!

Monthly Plan

Get the early-bird pricing
₦9,997billed every month
  • Unlimited Premium Stock Photos
  • 1 Business Masterclass
  • 1 Live Workshop
  • 2 Live Virtual meetups
  • Live Goal setting and planning workshop
  • Cancel Anytime

Annual Plan

20% Savings
₦99,997billed every year
  • Everything in the Monthly and Quarterly Plan
  • Free Private group coaching with Dahlia
  • Free Tristetix Boss Merch
  • Exclusive Invite: Annual Business Retreat
  • Cancel Anytime

Our Dare to be Different Guarantee

We want to make this as stress-free and risk-free for you as possible.
If you join the membership and you don’t feel it’s the right place for you, simply cancel anytime, and you can keep all your bonuses worth ₦85,000!
No hassle, no fuss!

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The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Selling

Coming this month

Launch your service-based business the right way

Coming in December

Launch your Product-based Business the right way

Coming in December

Create your Annual Business Roadmap

Coming in January

Your starter guide to Email Marketing

Coming in February

Build an engaged community of raving fans online

Coming in March

Meet Dahlia, your Lead Instructor

Hi there!
My name is Dahlia E. Akhaine and I am a Certified Product Manager and Digital Marketing Strategist.

I am also the Founder of Tristetix.
This may sound like a very heavy title but to be honest, I simply like to think of myself as a content creator.

Because that is what I do best.

I am super passionate about the world of online business and the magic that content marketing provides.

Content helps us to communicate our offer, share our superpower, and map out the transformation that makes our audience pay us to live our dream life.

As the Founder of a 7-figure agency and a 5-figure stock photography business, I know for a fact that business is a lot of work. But I also know that with access to the right information, the right people, the right support, you can drastically improve your chances of success by a long shot!

When I’m not hiking on mountains, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, or listening to my favourite music, I’m utilizing the three basic objectives that I teach in the membership – SHOW UP, SERVE, AND SELL.

For years now, I have taught and mentored new, aspiring, and established business owners through real and effective strategies to help them set up, build and scale their businesses.

❌ Being broke is hard.

❌ Showing up consistently online and working towards your business goals is hard.

But one of these keeps you stuck and suffering.

The other liberates you to a life of purpose and independence.

And if you’re ready to build a thriving business that you love, I’d love for you to become a member of this space.

"Dahlia gave me an easy system for tons of content ideas. I never thought it was possible for me to be excited to create content, but I am now. She also shifted my mindset to see content as a priority for the success of my business"

"Dahlia helped me work out what my content goals are. She equipped me with the keys and tools to create my content. I would whole-heartedly recommend Dahlia, she has changed my life"

"I had massive issues with my content creation but Dahlia helped lift my confidence as she teaches in such a way that is so infectiously enthusiastic and optimistic. I would recommend Dahlia"

"Dahlia provided me with highly effective strategies for my business. I am also more confident. Even at moments, I felt low, she encouraged me to really push myself forward."

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What could the next couple of months look like for you if you joined today?

Here are some results you can expect to see...

  • Increased reach and visibility in the online space
  • Clearer understanding of your product/ service
  • Feelings of support and community rather than feelings of confusion and overwhelm
  • More clients/ customers
  • More time freedom in your business
  • Clearer goals and a roadmap to achieve them