When we need a boost to refresh our creative spirits, where do we turn to? Do we read books, take a walk or talk to people?
In times when we are limited in creative options, the simplest of things can serve to help inspire us and get us on the creative track once again.
In this article, we have collated four (4) simple yet highly effective applications to engage your mind and channel new inspiration and ideas.

1. YouTube – YouTube is the largest video-based search engine in the world today. With thousands of videos uploaded every hour, there are tons and tons of insightful resources to stir up your creativity. A simple YouTube search such as “stay at home photo ideas” or “photoshoot ideas at home” provides a wide range of helpful ideas to try out. You can also become a YouTube creator and upload videos about something you are good at or love to talk about. YouTube is also a very helpful resource to find self-care tips and strategies, which can also boost creativity. Sometimes, we just need some time off to rest our brain.

2. VSCO – VSCO is an online creative community where creative tools, spaces, and connections are driven by self-expression. It is an inspirational membership platform where creatives share their work. VSCO gives you access to thousands of creative pieces which you can learn from or get inspired by. If you decide to become a member of the community, you also get access to their free photo-editing application as well as hundreds of presets for your use. Why not dive into the creative mind of others to find your own inspiration?

3. Pinterest – This is an old-time favourite and never gets old. Pinterest is an endless well of inspiration to help you find ideas, tips, pointers, photos and pretty much anything you need to boost your creative spirit. By signing up, you can create unlimited boards where you can brain dump your ideas (in the form of pins) and view pins and boards of other members on the platform.
Whether you are looking for photo inspiration, searching for cooking tips, learning to draw or just passing by, Pinterest has got you covered. It also serves as a search engine where you can search for specific terms/ keywords that will help inspire you.
It’s time to dig deep in the well of creative minds.

4. Skillshare – Skillshare is an online platform to learn any skill of your choice. Fullstop. Sometimes, to find refresh our creative senses, we need to step away from the drawing board and do something else. Why not learn a skill outside your brand/business/niche?
– Are you a photographer? learn how to draw or doodle
– Are you a pastry chef? learn how to juggle
– Are you a fashion designer? learn Japanese black ink painting
Whatever it is that you do, learn a skill that doesn’t tie to your business or everyday routine.
Skillshare offers hundreds of free classes taught by professionals who simply want to help you succeed, so what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to get creative?
Thank you for reading.