There has never a better time to get started than right now!
Achieving our goals is not altogether an easy task but with the right planning and proactive steps, we can be crush everything set in our path in 2020 with ease and motivation.
Let’s take a look at what these things are:

1. Write out your goals – This step is so important to goal setting that it should never be skipped, never be underestimated or feared. We have placed it at the top of the goal-crushing list for 2020 because oftentimes think that it is enough to have our goals at the “back of our mind” or simply write them out in a locked-up journal somewhere.

Write out your goals on a large visible surface, preferably somewhere you can see them every day.

If you can, get a whiteboard, a clip on board or just print out your goals on an A4 paper and pin them to the walls of your home, office or any location you spend the most time. Having the list of our goals up on a visible surface will not only ensure that we are reminded of them every day (and give us a certain drive to achieve them), it will also keep us motivated to want to cross off every item off that list.

2. Give out and receive only positive energy – There is a popular anonymous quote which states “what you give is what you get”. This applies not only to humans but even to our energy. Our energy levels drastically affect our zeal for work, our performance and in the long run, our perception of life.

Positive energy does not mean being overly optimistic but being realistic enough to understand that everything is achievable and good things will come our way.

When we give out negative energy, we not only affect ourselves but those around us. You wouldn’t want to be the person in the room whom everyone avoids because you’re such a downer. How will you build your network? How will you learn from others or grow?
To give out positive energy is to:
– Wake up every day with the mindset of “everything is achievable”
– Focus on positive things, focus on what you need to get done and look out for inspiration
– Avoid complaints or regrets at all costs

3. Invest in your business growth – It is not always an easy task to spend money on growth activities; especially when you are not making that much money yet.
Whether your work involves digital skills such as digital marketing, design or development; or physical skills such as sewing, art or photography; you can grow your skills online for FREE on platforms such as
– Udemy
– Skillshare
– Udacity

Investing in our business growth is investing our time to ensure that we have the best of services to offer our customers, and customers pay the most money for the best of services.

4. Set flexible schedules – Time is the most expensive commodity and we cannot afford to waste it. More especially when we have goals to reach and accomplishments to achieve.
Plan your time wisely.

Whether you work full time, shifts or remotely, it is important to set schedules that are flexible enough for you to get your work done and rest.

Setting flexible schedules also involves being honest about how long it takes you to get certain tasks done and not overcrowding your day with activities that keep getting postponed or procrastinated. It also means that you must be open to change and validate your schedule on a regular basis as best as it works for you.
Set a schedule and get to work.

5. Count the smaller wins – Pat yourself on the back.
You have come this far.
You’ve set out goals you want to achieve, invested your time in growth and even set a schedule for yourself.
That’s a lot of work!
We sometimes forget to count small gains overlooking the fact that life is about the journey and not the destination.

Break your larger goals into smaller achievable objectives, and celebrate the smaller wins.

Take yourself or your friends out, take the weekend off or simply disable your alarm and sleep in.
Hard work deserves a pat on the back. If we have worked hard to achieve a part of our goals, you should acknowledge it before moving on to the next!

6. Be intentional in money matters – A lot of people cringe at money matters. Many of us do not understand it, many of us like to “spend as we go along” not planning ahead or reflecting back.
More often than not, our goals are fueled by money. Sometimes, our goals ARE money.
“I want to save up 500,000 by the middle of the year”
“I want to buy …”
“I want to have … customers”
Sound familiar?
These are all money-driven goals and therefore, we cannot ignore money matters any longer.

To be intentional in money matters is to set up and stick to a MONTHLY budget. It also involves asking yourself every time “Do I really need this item I am about to buy?” and “What is the real value of this purchase?”

Cut out unnecessary excesses, review your account statements at the end of every month and understand the reason for every debit and credit.
In taking these small steps to be intentional in our spending, we’re already a step ahead of ourselves and closer to reaching our goals than we think.