Most times, when we think of a BOSS, we imagine some man or woman sitting at a table drinking coffee and typing some random numbers on a laptop. While this is not too far from the truth, there is a ton of work that Bosses have to do before getting to the “sipping coffee from a mug” stage. Even more so, in times when business is slow, frustrating or at a complete standstill, Bosses try to find ways to ensure they make the most of every situation/ setback and stay true to their cause.
How can we handle our business/ brand like a Boss?

1. Figure a way out: Rather than staring problems in the face and feeling lost, we need to try to find a way out of the maze. This does not mean we have to figure out a way to continue our business as usual and maintain sales like we used to. Instead, think up new and enhanced ways to find your customers wherever they may be, keep them engaged and stay true to you. – What kind of content can you serve our customers to help them with the problems they face?
– How are you engaging with your customers such that you build trust and authority in your chosen field?
– How can you leverage online information and technology to remain relevant or find new sales channels?
If you run a cooking/ baking business, why not start a YouTube channel, grow your audience and start making money through YouTube AdSense?
Have you considered new features you can add to your business like local home deliveries or advanced orders? Whatever you do, when you are faced with roadblocks, you try to find a way around. Your business is like a person, it should be responsive to outer stimuli.

2. Partnerships and collaborations: We often overlook the importance of partnerships in business. Remember to collaborate rather than compete. In tough business times, Bosses find similar brands going through the same or similar challenges and build up collaborations that outlive their issues.
Collaborations can be long or short term but must be aimed towards a mutual benefit for all involved parties.
– Partnerships help to grow one’s customer base
– Partnerships help to build brand awareness
– Partnerships aid brand identity as it showcases your unique selling point which is different from your partner’s.
Search for potential brands you can collaborate with on building content, engagement and stock up on business leads, clients and even customers.

3. Set up a system of consistency & execution: Create a system for your business in addition to setting goals.
A system is something you do regularly that increases your odds of long term execution and success. While goals are achievements, a system is a process that leads you to those achieving those results.
A system is a journey while a goal is a destination.
To create a system of consistency & execution for your business, develop a routine.
Write down your step-by-step routine to getting up every day, setting up your workspace wherever you are, and going about the day’s activities.
It is very important when adopting a new system to write it down, as we may sometimes forget.
– What are your daily priorities which you must do every day?
– What are the hours of the day when you are most productive?
– What habits get you into work mode and help you stay there?
Systems differ among individuals but what is important is creating one that works for you and following it through every single day.
Remember that systems must come with timelines and you must discipline yourself enough to stick to appointed times.

Have you created your system and mapped out some potential collaborators? Do you feel like a boss yet? A key tip to remember is that long term execution is by far better than short term solutions so don’t beat yourself up if you are not where you need to be yet.
As long as you are doing the right things, you’re on your way to owning your business as a true BOSS that you are.

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