Once upon a time in a land of green and white, a home of peace, progress and tranquillity, where dreams come true and destinies are fulfilled.

Many years ago, during the supposed good old days, having an education was the hallmark of the people’s aspiration, for it afforded them a chance to live the lives of their dreams, but decades later, a dark cloud would hover above this nation, turning dreams to nightmares, success to failure, strength to powerlessness and hope to worry, this is the sad tale of education in Nigeria.

For years, the standard of education in Nigeria has only known “one direction”, a freefall down the negative side of a growth curve. There is a myriad of reasons for this, however, this write-up is not aimed at exploring them. 

This write-up is a wake-up call for those in the places of power and influence to look into the dying education sector of this once great country that seems to be dying from the various ills that bedevil every one of its sectors.

These pictures tell a story…

In the face of adversities, Nigerians are strong and barely lose their smile, this is the tale of every Nigerian child, especially for those in public primary and secondary schools, where the foundation for the nation’s prosperous future is laid.

These pictures tell a story…

Even in the face of the dying standards, the Nigerian child never loses hope and keeps trying hard to meet up with his/her contemporaries in saner climes where education is of utmost importance.

These pictures tell a story…

In the face of a harsh economic reality, parents have their hands tied and are forced to send their children to public schools, despite the apparent neglect by the custodians of our collective wealth, even when these parents know that chances for success are slim, but they still hope…

They still hope that it gets better somehow, someday and someone changes this ugly narrative. They hope that regardless of the non-existing standard of education, their children stand out and fly the fading colours of the Nigerian flag so high.

These pictures tell a story…

The Nigerian child is brilliant, we have seen this on every international stage, where the Nigerian anthem is played, where the Nigerian flag is hoisted and everyone sings the praise of the crumbling giant of Africa.

The Nigerian child only wants the opportunity to thrive, to free his/her family from the shackles of generational poverty, to save the country from dying and restore the glory of old her ageing parents never fail to mention.

The Nigerian child wants to stop going to school only to see friends because that is the only source of joy between the four walls of a classroom that seems to be limiting her flight into glory.

These pictures tell a story and we need a response.

We must save the Nigerian child to save Nigeria.

We must save the Nigerian education system.

Remember, Nelson Mandela once said, “education is a human right with immense power to transform, on its foundation, lies the cornerstone to freedom, democracy and sustainable human reforms”.

These pictures tell a story that must be acted upon very quickly.


Nigeria is blessed with various resources; human and natural, however, utilizing these resources has been her greatest problem.

The country is plagued with different ills which are most prominent at this perilous period, if Nigeria aims to prepare a great future for herself, then the dying education sector must be revived before it is wheeled into the morgue of oblivion.