A festival is a special day or period, usually in memory of religious events with its own social activities, food or ceremonies. Every festival has its own importance and meaning, they are a way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and tradition. These events can be extremely rewarding for event photographers, but they demand a certain amount of skill: you have to work fast and in crowded conditions. However, with a little effort, you can take home a number of memorable pictures – and have a good time.
Here are some tips to ensure that you capture all the joys and color of the festivities and spirit of celebrations.

1. Be more than ready: Make sure you plan in advance of your arrival, know the ins and outs of the event, line up and create an itinerary of where you’re going to be throughout the day. Be ready for emergencies or unforeseen events like a change in the weather, have the right gear like a change in the weather, have the right gear like a waterproof compact camera in situations like rain or different photo lens important for certain types of photography to create amazing photos or a tripod which might come in handy.
Make sure you have at least one spare battery with you – it would be a shame if your camera died towards the end of the festival or just before all the spectacular things happen. The same goes for storage space make sure you have spare memory cards.

2. Know what to photograph: Photograph anything and everything. Use a fast shutter to shoot non-stop, from the setting up, to the live acts, parades, vendors, the crowd, surrounding landscape, behind the scenes, people in the audience, details, packing up, and even what was left behind.
Festivals give a chance for any type of photography, portrait, street, landscape or even night photography. Shoot from dawn till evening in close panoramic and everything in between.

3. Find the right spot: The best thing to do is to arrive before the crowd gathers and festivities start, to identify the best spots. Scan the area and find the best positions, angles and vantage points for the day from which you’re going to shoot, especially as you are likely to contend with the growing crowd and lots of other photographers as the day progresses.
Stay focused, opening your creative mind as festivals come with lots of distractions, don’t get carried away with all the pomp and color.

4. Protect your gear: If you’ve ever taken part in any festival celebration take for instance the popular Calabar carnival in Nigeria or the Hindu festival of colors you would know that it is no small feat, to protect your camera amidst the crowd. And as a photographer, your gear is probably more precious to you than anything else. So, first things first, never leave your camera unattended, pack light – if you take excessive kit it will not work in your favor as you have to carry it along all day, be aware of where your camera is at all times.
The camera strap will stop your camera from getting knocked out of your hands, but if you walk around in busy areas with it around your neck, not only will it get in your way, you could injure yourself if it gets tugged off your neck.
Finally, ensure you wear suitable footwear so you don’t fall over, break a leg or worse still your camera.

5. Relax and have fun: Above all enjoy every bit of the experience. Don’t get carried away worrying on the perfect shot. Spend time taking in the atmosphere and see the activities with your own eyes, immerse yourself in the event and enjoy the spirit of the festivities and the burst of colors.
Join in the dance or walk with the participants if they are marching, march with them you will have a much more memorable experience.
In conclusion,
It is important to click with people than to click the shutter
– Alfred Eisenstaedt

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