A majority of us already use social media for our business in one way or another.

Odds are if you’re reading this article, you probably have an account on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Even though having a business account is a good stake in the ground to grow your presence online, there are a few other tips to ensure your social media presence yields the kind of traction and customers you deserve.

1. Write out your name and unique selling point clearly: As trivial as this seems, a lot of brands do not properly frame their business names on social media.

To ensure that your business name is searcheable, make use of keywords that your target audience or customers will be searching for.

Instead of Bola Studios, say “Bola Portrait Photography Studios”. That way, anyone searching on social media for portrait photography will come across your page.
Instead of Mr Ziki or Hassan Photography, say “Mr Ziki | Wedding Photographer” or “Hassan Events Photography”.
You get the point.

Whether you’re a photographer, a lifestyle coach or a caterer, figure out a way to include relevant and searchable in your name of social media pages. People don’t know who you are, but they do know what kind of solution they need. And that solution is your key selling point, use it to your advantage.

2. Use an official phone number and email address: Have you ever had to ask for directions to a location that wasn’t clear to you? If you have, that location must have been pretty important to you.
Unfortunately, because your customers do not know you, your location is not so important to them. A good percentage won’t ask for directions either.

Having a social media account with no form of contact such as an official phone number and email address is like asking people to come to your shop/ office and not giving them any directions. They most likely won’t show up.

Setting up a business account is very important here as it allows you to use an official email address.

3. Be consistent and engaging: Noone likes that one friend that shows up only on your birthday and new years day to send you greetings and then disappear. Also, no one likes a die-hard salesperson who continually asks for a sale and never talks about anything else.

Be consistent in multiple forms of content and engage your customers professionally.

Ask what their needs are, ask how you can help?
Look for common grounds on which you can start a discussion.

Remember, don’t always be about sales. If you’re not sure what other content types you can create to trigger non-sales discussions, check out this post where we explain how content is king!
If you show up for your customers and deliver value every time, they will show up for you.

4. Build professional relationships by continually trying to understand your audience better: Professional relationships are the bedrock on which great products are built.
Practise proper communication skills.
Practise professional communication skills.

When you make an effort to learn a thing or two about your target audience every day, you serve them better. And in serving them better, they are more likely to remain customers and buy more from you.

Take some time out once in a while to thank your existing customers, and collect feedback as this is invaluable. By doing this, you are showing:
– your authority in your chosen field
– the authenticity of your brand and
– your dedication as a service provider or salesperson towards solving real problems.

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