We all sometimes hit a creative block this happens frequently for creative block, the frequency at which this occurs varies from each creative and this can be a result of our lifestyle.

Creativity can become dormant over time if you do not utilize it often, so nurturing creativity is a crucial way to become more creative.

In this blog, we discussed how to develop habits that make being creative easier.

 1. Be Curious About Everything

Creativity begins from our imaginations and becomes active when we explore. The importance of asking the right questions can enhance the problem-solving skills that enable us to come up with new solutions. 

Curiosity is a natural drive humans have, as children we tend to ask questions without holding back but growing up, as adults we have over time learnt it is the wrong thing to do and we limit how curious we become.

You can cultivate your curiosity by practising activities like mindfulness, asking questions and trying new activities.

This opens your mind to a world of opportunities and also enhances your problem-solving skills.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

When you begin with this mindset that you can be as good as the next person, you are not only going to end up judging yourself unfairly, you never really focus on your abilities and end up not even discovering them.

There is always going to be someone better at their craft and that is okay, set a goal for yourself and compare your progress.

This only helps you realize how much you can get better in the long run, you begin to understand that comparison can limit your creativity.

3. Set Up A Creative Space

For a lot of us, entering our bedrooms means rest, just laying there and doing nothing. This happens because we have prepared our beds and consistently devoted time to get rest in the bedroom which is usually at night time.

This same principle can help us as creatives, setting up a space where you are reminded about how happy you are and puts you in a creative mood.

Doing this will help reset your mindset that the creative space is where you are allowed to explore your imagination to explore.


Creativity evolves with time and never forget the power of little changes, as daily small changes lead to a significant changes in the long run.

Being creative is a lifestyle that means that every decision you make in your life affects the quality of your work.

This is why understanding self-care is important for every creative to improve the quality of their work.