The good thing about books is how far they can help you tap into the image of the life you want and desire.

There is no creativity without imagination, and living a life that is balanced as a creative will involve overall development in your craft and your life.

This lifestyle is significant and one way to never be found wanting is to train the brain to learn new things in bits and scale the 10 years of hardship into one year through learning from the lens of an author.

It takes more than grace to go through life, learn from it and put this experience together for others to run through life faster than you did.

Although reading self-development books can be a chore, the ideas contained therein, if acted upon, can help anyone make the most of life.

As the deadline for creating the content plan for the new month at Tristtetix approached, I was reading Robin Sharma’s book, Little Black Book of Stunned Success. I reflected on the books I have read that propelled me forward in the last 3, so I thought I would share them with you.

I am sharing this in the hope it brings you joy, improves your self-awareness and self-acceptance, builds discipline and attitude, and helps you love your uniqueness.

 I consider these five self-improvement books to be the best.

  1. Attitude is Everything By Keith Harrel
  2. The Richest Man In Babylon by George Clanson
  3. The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma
  4. The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma
  5. Atomic Habit by James Clear

Let’s share the reason why in descending order

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1.  Attitude Is Everything, By Keith Harrel

Because I acquired the book at a time when I was just beginning to become interested in the idea of self-development, it took me just over two years to finish it.

However, every single person I have given recommendations to always responds with an estimate of its value, so I hope you join them.

It is, in a nutshell, an enlightening, motivating, and helpful manual for taking charge of your career and your life.

The most crucial lessons you will learn are how to get rid of any unfavourable attitudes you may have, cultivate positive attitudes, and then use those attitudes to motivate you to take the necessary steps to realize your goals.

These are the 10 suggestions in the book to help you alter your perspective and become your greatest self.

  • Understand the power of “attitude”
  • Take control of your life
  • Practice self-awareness
  • Reframe your bad attitude
  • Find your purpose and passion
  • Be pro-active
  • Discover how to motivate yourself
  • Build supportive relationships
  • See changes as an opportunity
  • Leave a lasting legacy

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2. The 5 AM Club, By Robin Sharma

In this life-changing book, handcrafted by the author over a demanding four-year period, you will learn the early-rising habit that has assisted so many in achieving epic results while enhancing their happiness, helpfulness, and feelings of aliveness.

The 5 am Club will guide you through the following an enchanting—and frequently humorous—story about two struggling strangers who meet an eccentric tycoon who becomes their secret mentor:

How can you start your days off producing amazing results, like the brightest minds, most successful businesspeople, and wisest individuals?

The little-known trick you can use right away to wake up motivated, focused, and filled with a burning desire to make the most of every day.

A step-by-step process to safeguard the peaceful early morning hours so you have time for exercise, self-care, and personal development.

While most people are still asleep, a neuroscience-based practice has been shown to make it simple to get up. This gives you valuable time to yourself to reflect, use your creativity, and start the day without stress.

By using “insider-only” strategies to protect your gifts, talents, and dreams from digital distractions and pointless diversions, you can enjoy fortune, influence, and a magnificent impact on the world.

Your life will be changed forever by reading The 5 am Club, which is an equal parts manifesto for mastery, a playbook for genius-grade productivity, and a companion for a beautifully lived life.

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3. The Richest Man in Babylon, By George S. Clason

The biggest secrets are often hidden in simple words. —— Mark Lucas Wahl. This sums up the book in my view, and hopefully, you will find the same joy in it.

At first, I thought I knew what it was going to say, just like every other good book on money and wealth, but I found very crucial and rare secrets to managing finances in life.

These are really simple and well-thought-out money principles that we casually choose to ignore.

The book lays down very simple rules to follow in life, and the real catch is how it promotes being consistent and adhering to a financial plan strictly. 

So the secret is not really the things to do that will make you rich, but to do them with absolute dedication.

It is a very good book to develop the right attitude towards your finances as you start to earn.

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4. The Leader Who Had No Title, By Robin Sharma

First of all, excellent storytelling will make it easier for you to remember each of the important ideas.  The real meaning of “less is more” can be found in the book’s style and attitude toward the characters. 

The book’s objective is to impart leadership knowledge through a single lesson.

It tells every single person, no matter their class of birth or status quo in society, that each one of us has the potential to be the best in everything we do.

It made the effort of doing it without really thinking much about the title very laudable. 

It pats your back and gives you a reason to give your all to what you have and start wherever you are. 

It is a reminder that living your creative and best life is a process, not an event, and you will improve as you go.

This book has a lot in store for you, and I am sure you will enjoy it, but I strongly recommend the book…

Happy reading.

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5. Atomic Habit, By James Clear

This book is all about habits and how to build good ones and break bad ones.

Because James Clear shows us that habit-building can be easy and fun. It’s not as boring or arduous as you might think.

And by making these tiny changes, you are setting yourself up to achieve remarkable results because you will learn how to:

-Make time for new routines, despite your hectic schedule;

-Overcome a lack of drive and determination;

-Construct your environment to facilitate success;

-Return to your course after straying;

also quite a bit more.

Atomic Habits will change the way you view progress and success and give you the tools and strategies you need to change your habits, whether you are a team trying to win a championship, an organization trying to change an industry, or just an individual trying to quit smoking, lose weight, manage stress, or achieve any other goal.


I would definitely suggest buying these books in hard copy just because “reading feels greater when you leaf through the woods turned into paper.”

Another warning is to not just breeze through the books or any that you have decided to read. Read one chapter or a few pages at a time and try to relate them to your own life.

Nothing would work if you did not do the work, but when you read any of these books, make sure to not forget your deepest desires and how they will help you achieve them.