How do you take a break from a long period of work to refresh and gain your creative juice back?


Some of you might say travel, rest or try out a new activity, Hobbies are one effective way to rest and regain your creative ideas.


Due to the popular belief that hobbies are just for resting, there are other benefits of having hobbies like learning something new, helping us beat boredom, and finally exploring a new creative side.


In this blog, we share various types of hobbies to not just help you relax, they are so affordable so anyone can try them.


Let’s begin:

1. Start Journalling

Words can express a lot of our feelings, you can take about five minutes of your time to document how you feel each day, all you need is a pen and a leaflet.

This is one efficient way to identify your stressors and make changes to your routine, it is also a helpful way to track your growth and progress.

Because you get to write often it also helps you improve your writing skills and improve your memory.

You can create a journal for any subject of interest, your personal life, food, dream, fitness, or even a work journal.

2. Try Exercising

This isn’t typically seen as a hobby, but trying new activities like kickboxing, swimming, yoga and other physical activities can help your mind function a lot better.

Instead of looking at exercise as a tedious activity begin to think of it as a social activity that can be fun.

Exercise isn’t also to be seen as an activity for weight loss, there are so many other benefits of exercising like increased strength, improves memory and helps you sleep better.

3. Learn A New Instrument

If you are looking to explore a new experience, learning a new instrument could be the answer.

Try picking a new musical instrument and learn how to play, the major benefit of doing this is that you will increase your cognitive ability.

Playing a new musical instrument will also give you a sense of achievement as you finally master a new skill.

Free resources you can check out include YouTube, Violin Lab and Allison.

4. Read A New Book

Who else reads novels to be entertained and ends up getting new ideas for their creative work?

Books are a great way to stimulate your mind and gain a new perspective on the world.

If you are a beginner with no idea which books you can read, virtual book clubs are the ideal solution for you.

Aside from the recommendations you get, some book clubs have a review session and you get to understand different interpretations or understanding of the same book.

5. Play Varieties Of Games

Problem-solving, communication, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking are all skills that are developed when you try playing games.

The amazing thing about games is that they come in different forms and each type of game is uniquely designed to improve at least one certain skill.

Trying a new game doesn’t require much sometimes it takes just a phone and internet connectivity to download one on the web.

You can also visit physical gaming centres to try new games, even with no skill you can find instructors who are ready to guide you at these centres.


It is important that creatives understand the importance of restorative rest while physical rest means relaxing and healing your body, restorative rest helps declutter the mind.

All of these are important for us to function optimally as humans, while we set goals and time frames to achieve them it is also important to schedule rest.

Let us know in the comments which hobby are you going to try out soon.