Stress is a common enemy all creators fight against, it isn’t only excruciating to go through it, but it also limits your creative abilities by leading to burnout.

You must have some point in your life as a creative heard about people telling you to take time off work and rest, while this is recommended to many of us some of us still think of rest as getting on an aeroplane and taking the next available flight to Seychelles.

Rest can also be taking time off work and going for a walk or visiting nearby locations.

In this blog post, we shared five locations that are affordable for you to get that much-needed restorative rest within Nigeria.

Alat Farms, Kuje, Abuja

It’s an Agritourism resort located right in Abuja, it’s almost an hour’s drive from the city’s capital. The farm offers a getaway experience where you can spend the night, The cheapest room in the resort goes for about NGN39,000 per night.

If you don’t want to spend the night you can go in the morning and return at night.

When you arrive there you are required to pay an entrance fee of NGN2,000 which consists of a tour around the farm. You can also try activities like horse riding, canoe rides, quad biking, kayaking and grafting that are separately paid for.

Assop WaterFall, Plateau

The waterfall is located along Jos-Abuja expressway, few meters away from the city center.  It is a natural waterfalls that occurs from the downpour of River Hawan Kibo.

A river that is named after the community in this area, the entrance fee is NGN300 and you can try relaxing activities like swimming, hiking on the surrounding mountains and hills, picnic, and relaxing.

This spot is ideal for those who want a quiet place away from the noise generated in the city areas.

WildLife Park, Jos

Known to be one of the largest zoological garden in Nigeria, The wildlife park in Jos is a conversation park.

Located at Tudun-Wada road, it is home to most wild animals like Lions, Tigers, Elephants, and Zebra.

This is an ideal place for those who want to gain a new experience.

Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

If you also decide to learn something fascinating as a way to declutter your mind, this location will be the right place for you.

The tour guides are also so friendly and are ever willing to answer all of your question, the rock is the reason why the state’s capital is called Abeokuta which loosely translates to under the stone.

It is an historical site that was used as a siege camp for the yorubas during the time of war, it is a location you should definitely try.

It is advisable to visit during the dry season because when it rain mosses become wet and that makes the rocks slippery.

Cultural Centre, Mokola, Ibadan

Although this center is not as it used to be due to lack of maintenance, you can still have an amazing evening here and might even get inspirations by the end of the evening.

Cultural dances, drama and stage play is sometimes organized here, It is located at Mokola hills popularly known as Ori-Oke in Ibadan.

Behind the theatre, there used to be a crafts village where people displayed various arts and got them sold out. Activities here are not always full with people but they host amazing cultural display once a month and the prices of the tickets varies and are set by the organizers.


Rest means different things to all of us as creatives, while some of us think of it as an escape from work, some also think of it as a way to get more creative ideas.

Whatever you believe to be rest is absolutely okay, in the end we all just want a calm mind to be more productive at our creation processes.

Let us know in the comments, which location are you trying out soon?

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