How often do you think about how much of a success you can become as a creative business owner?

Success means different things to different people, but a universal feeling of success is seeing progress and feeling proud of the effort you put in to ensure you see growth.

What success means to me is implementing those crazy ideas that will positively change the world and remain sustainable.

While we always think about becoming successful, actions are what really give us an opportunity to become the success we desire.

In this blog post, we discussed the five common habits, successful entrepreneurs, develop and stick to it to develop their careers.

Let’s begin:

1. Being Focused

Understanding what you want to do and developing goals in accordance with the vision you have for your business.

Focus can sometimes be mistaken for task completion.

Ensuring each task is in accordance with your big vision is what your focus is.

Focus helps bring clarity that in turn enables you to make better decisions about your business that yields a better result.

2. Believe In Your Craft

This might sound cliche but having a strong conviction that whatever you set out to do will work is important.

You need to be sure of your next big idea even before you sell it to the world and the way you present this idea to them determines how the public responds to it.

Having a tremendous amount of confidence that your business solves a certain problem will allow your target audience to understand how you can business can benefit them.

3. Take Action

You can spend years creating a solid plan for your next big time but if you don’t take a step to execute it, it remains an idea. 

Execution is an important part of success as you only know what works and what doesn’t when you execute the plans you have.

4. Learn From Failure

What is one common thing we all have experienced and will sometime still experience? It’s a failure. 

We are all going to fail at something and that’s okay.

Understanding why you failed and how to better develop yourself is not something that is commonly done which is the very factor that distinguishes successful people from those that are not.

5. Take Calculated Risks

A very common story you hear when successful entrepreneurs share their stories is that they go all in.

Risk is an intergalactic part when starting this journey, there is always a potential risk in whatever you do, the ability to understand how tough it can get but understand the reward when it pays out is why some entrepreneurs stand out.


Do you think your daily routine is geared toward helping you achieve that big vision of yours?

Creating positive habits to help you stay productive is an essential step toward success.

Making habit changes is not easy, apart from the fact that it can take a long period of time to adapt to change a lot of entrepreneurs need support, which is why we created the Tristetix Creative Circle to provide creative business owners with the much-needed support they need.

Which habit are you incorporating into your routine to boost your productivity and increase your chances of success?

Let us know in the comments below.


About The Author

Dr. Olawale Tokunbo Ogunlana is an experienced Creative Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Besides his remarkable experience as a Licensed Physician and Entrepreneur, Dr Olawale is highly skilled in online content creation, content writing, communication, digital entrepreneurship and marketing, brand strategy, presentation skills, and public speaking. He is a leading voice for brands and organizations in the Digital Space, especially for brands in the Health and Lifestyle / Life Sciences Industry.

Olawale Ogunlana is devoted to building communities that are focused on improving health outcomes for humankind. As a philanthropist, he is also the founding partner of the 100k Club, a nonprofit organization that is focused on helping Vulnerable Nigerians pay their health bills and granting them access to timely health services.

Dr. Olawale hopes to be a voice for brands that intend to have a positive impact on the Health of humankind. His passion is to share stories about creative innovations in the health space as well as other engaging health stories that create positive change for humanity.

Olawale is also a strong marketing professional who possesses an even stronger background in Health. He is a Doctor of Medicine with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Russian National Research Medical University Moscow.