We all know the need for money as creatives, In an attempt to make money we find ourselves attending coaching sessions to develop our skills, pitch for new jobs, and network.

These are good ways to find money but is much easier to make more money by saving from the source you already have.

You spend less and when eventually you get another source of income you already have a structure in place for better money management.

In this blog, we discuss four delightful ways to start saving money as a creative.

1. Do It Yourself 

DIY might seem stressful but it’s one of the best ways to save yourself money If you are artsy or good with maintenance you can start doing menial tasks like decorating and repairing home appliances yourself.

if you don’t have the required tools renting them will also not cost as much as hiring a contractor to get it done.

When starting a DIY project it is also important you create a budget and stick to it, this way you know what exactly you need to get that work done so you don’t end up buying more than enough items.

If you are already into DIY YouTube is your go-to free resource to upgrade your skills who knows?

You might be charging others soon to get their own project done.

2. Practice Preventive Healthcare

Healthcare is not cheap, I bet you must have heard this sentence so many times. 

The best way to prevent blowing out all of your savings on healthcare is by practising preventive health, it’s a lot cheaper and also saves you the stress of having to go to queue at a hospital.

Eat healthy, exercise as much as you can, keep your environment clean and practice self-care

All of these actions are measured aimed at disease prevention because it is cheaper to prevent diseases than to pay to get them treated.

3. Declutter Your Space

 This one comes in handy, especially for creatives, what do you do with those old gadgets? Do you just leave them in a corner or give them away?

Decluttering your space isn’t only an additional way to save money it also saves you space.  

When next you have the thought of just putting away that extra item you might probably never think about again, you could host a yard sale or sell them on the internet.

4. Replace Expensive Habits

There are many habits we have that we do not even know cost us so much money, certain habits like smoking, habitual drinking, gambling, and recreational shopping are guilty pleasures a lot of us have. 

The most common advice you see on the internet is to quit the habit which might not best advice.

Replacing expensive habits is a more realistic approach, instead of completely quitting smoking that you might fall back on gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day, instead of habitual drinking reduce the frequency at which you drink or try a new hobby when there’s an urge to drink. 

When you do this often you set an achievable and realistic goal that can work for you in the long term and save you money.


One of the reasons why we work as creatives is to make money, we have so much information channelled to teach us about making money but very little on how to manage the one we have.

The constant worry about money management might also affect your creativity, so there is an emerging need to have holistic discussions about money that includes making it, keeping it and growing it.

“How exactly do I find forums that have these discussions?”

The Tristetix creative community believes creatives can monetize their skills and also properly manage money to reduce worries which might affect our productivity.

Let us know in the comments, do you think these habits can help you save money as a creative?