Creativity is the soul of development as it gives life to your work and helps it stand out amongst others. If you’ve ever been to a marching parade, you can relate to the platoons who put in extra effort to win the “wows” and applause of onlookers; and those who simply give an “eyes right” salute and move on. You may find it interesting to know that being good at something doesn’t always equal being creative. Finding the right kind of inspiration to boost your creative genes goes a long way; not only to help you capture more engaging photos but also to boost your reputation as a photographer.

This is why we are sharing four innovative Google applications you can download for free on your mobile phone to help ignite your creative eye and mind and get you the “wows” you so truly deserve.
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1. Google Snapseed

Capture great scenery around you, play around with professional features such as RAW editing, white balance, precision blurring and much more using Google Snapseed. Undo and redo your photo effects and export them to your desired platform. This app helps boost your creativity by providing impressive options to take your photo editing to the next level! It also allows you to practice your craft in a simpler yet effective way.
Here are some photos captured with Google Snapseed.


2. Google Cardboard Camera

Ever captured photos in virtual reality? Now you can! Virtual reality means your viewers not only get to see your work but can also share the experience with you. With the Cardboard Camera, you can capture in 3D, thereby taking your viewers a step closer to living the experiences they see. You can also cover wider ranges and angles as well as make objects look closer or farther away than they are.


Have you downloaded the app already?

3. Google Lens

Another great camera application free from Google. Google Lens uses image recognition technology to allow you to detect text in images, identify animals and plants in images, and so on. Not only do you get to capture great content, but you can also interact with your photos by reading text where they appear as well as identifying objects. Boost your creativity using Google Lens by playing around with these awesome features, test run a couple of snapshots to see how image recognition works; from different angles, in different lights, and for different objects.



4. PhotoScan by Google Photos

When last did you lose a memory card or device storage? This is a common woe that many of us have faced and had to deal with, especially when we have no backups. The PhotoScan app is here to your rescue. PhotoScan is a scanner app from Google Photos which allows you to scan and save your printed photos using your phone’s camera. You can also apply great filters, edit your photos and share them externally!
Dig out those photos which need a digital version and try out Google PhotoScan’s enhanced digital scanner.



What other apps do you use to ignite your creativity and stand out?
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