I am very sure the first time you heard about Tristetix, what picked your interest was the fact that you could sell your photos on the site.

The first thing you must understand is that as a photographer who uses Tristetix, you are a Tristetix Creator.
It is therefore important that you know the kind of photographs that are relevant to buyers and sell more on Tristetix.

First of all, what kind of people purchase pictures on Tristetix? We\’ll mention a few:
A) App developers: People who develop applications for mobile phones and computers. They use photos to communicate specific information to users of their app.

B) Content Managers: A content manager is a person who manages the content of a blog or website. A content manager uses photos to better illustrate a message on a website or blog.

These categories of people; and others, purchase photographs on Tristetix.

At Tristetix we seek out the best high-quality aesthetics, so we expect you as a Tristetix Creator to follow suit.
As a photographer, you should consider these three things while you take photographs.
1) Who will make use of my photos?

What this means is that when you take photos, it is important to think of the people that will have need for; and make use of such photos.
An app developer creating a music player app will need photos of people listening to music.
Or for a food ordering app, pictures of people eating.

You may also take wedding pictures to encourage people to hire you as their wedding photographer.

Always ask yourself what am your intention with your photos are. Have a target audience in mind and capture for them. That way you speak to as many audiences as possible.

2) Where will your photographs be used?
Can your photos be used in an app, website, magazine, or social media ad?

For example:
a. Photos of cars and sportsmen may be used in gaming apps.
b. Photos of the environment may be featured in newspapers.
c. Photos of professional models may be used in magazines.

3) Will your photographs be used?&
Your photos are going to be set on display for hundreds and thousands of people to see. Would they pick yours over a thousand?

In creating for people, there are a couple of key factors you should keep in mind:
a. Capture inspiring imagery and not something that would seem offensive or displeasing. b. Be creative. Look for something out of the ordinary. c. Try to tell a story where necessary.
d. Capture for your intended audience. Take time to find out if they find bright colours appealing, or if they prefer human faces to abstract imagery, or perhaps they would opt-in for nature and landscape photography.

Finally, remember to go for gold. Other creators like yourself are also setting out to gain recognition and get the right customers.

Taking these three questions into serious consideration while taking your photographs, you shouldn’t have a problem selling the best of photos on Tristetix.