Content marketing, if implemented properly will attract audiences that become loyal fans. 

We know a tremendous amount of effort goes into content creation as creatives. Every business owner or creative creates content for humans whom they expect a response, which can include buying a product, joining a community, creating awareness for a brand. 

We all know how frustrating it gets to spend hours creating content that doesn’t generate engagement as this makes it hard to get feedback as to whether or not your audience finds it helpful.

Getting feedback also helps in the content creation process as it gives a clearer understanding of what the audience wants.

In this post, we will be sharing three strategies you can implement to boost your content ranking and get your audience much more engaged with your post.

1. Focus on Community Building.

The number of users on the internet is constantly increasing this means that more people have more access to the internet and therefore they are more people looking for others like themselves with similar interests and challenges.

Getting people with similar interests or challenges together to build a strong relationship and giving them a sense of belonging for a common purpose will help to build positive engagement.

Community building focuses on building long-term relationships which can increase customer retention rate and participation rate, this also means that members of your community can also refer other people in need of your product or services.

Communities can be free or paid, and this strategy focuses solely on providing values that attract people who over time become engaging members.

A lot of business owners and creatives like to focus on vanity metrics, rather than focusing on the numbers it is more important to focus on the value of the relationship you are building on the internet.


2. Distribute Free Content.

How often do you download content from the internet? I bet a whole lot, it is a known fact that people like free items.

People love the idea of getting something valuable for almost nothing.

They are more likely to engage a piece of content that solves their day to day challenges.

Free content such as Ebooks, Webinars, Cheatsheets, Podcasts, Short Videos can be created for your audience in digestible chunks for easy consumption.

3. Develop Actionable Content.

How often do you use search engines when you need to find an answer to some of your questions? It probably happens frequently.

Content that helps your target audience solve a problem in real-time is actionable and it would encourage them to look forward to helpful content from you as a business owner or creative.


In today’s digital space, quality content is a major part of content marketing but it is more important to have an audience who willingly engages with your content. 

This is why there is a rapid increase in the consumption of video content, a popular form of actionable content that has led businesses and creatives to embrace video content creation.

One of the quickest methods to build an audience of raving fans using content marketing is by creating more video content.

If you need some ideas for your video content download this free guide