For any thriving business, the most important combination is that of content mixed with marketing.

To build authority and credibility in the world today, every piece of content created must be top-notch, compelling and valuable to your audience while building you the title of a thought leader in your industry.

And this begs the question, what do I do to become a good content creator?

What do I need to do to create good content?

In this blog post we discussed the top 5 actions you must take before you start creating any piece of content.

1. Follow Industry News Daily

Knowing the current happenings in your industry is one of the best ways to become someone who creates the relevance you crave.

Scour the internet daily for trends and news that give you better insight into what is working and isn’t working in your industry and how these can change your audience’s thinking, feeling and relatability to your content.

Subscribe to services like Google trend alert using your industry keywords to get these pieces of information for free.

2. Be A Regular Creator

If you don’t use it, you, lose it. ~ Maggie Butler of Hubspot

Successful content creators understand the role of consistency and frequency which is beyond putting your brand in the face of your audience constantly.

Creating consistently will help you walk through jumbled ideas that could become more than ideas and keep you relevant in the industry.

You may not always be inspired to create but you can find inspiration for ideas that can be well developed when you create.

Try this by getting into the habit of jotting down your thoughts for at least five to fifteen daily by looking into the things you couldn’t get off your mind or what you couldn’t understand.

3. Question Everything 

In the right question, there is half the answer a wise man once said.

What you and your colleagues consume about your industry can be different, so asking colleagues, forums and target audience communities to snack on content that will increase your creativity can be good practice.

The insight you get from curiosity will help you make great content if you want to become a successful content creator.

Learn curiosity as a second Nature, be curious about your already established knowledge and that which is coming from the outside per time. 


You need to be curious to identify problems worth solving  ~ Lorraine Twohill Google Head Of Marketing.

4. Don’t Just Comment, Offer Solutions

Expertise isn’t everything you need to be a profitable content creator either you are just starting or you’re already in the game.

Your audience consumes your content with the need to get a specific problem solved so make sure each piece of content is backed by why that topic is important and what they can do immediately to start getting results.

In simple terms, put your observations into terms for a two-year-old to understand and find lessons in.


There is a lot of pressure on content creators to put out quality and relevant content to complement your marketing strategy for your thriving business but it all starts from your habits.

These are some of the tried, tested, and true habits you can adopt to help you become a more successful and profitable creator in your chosen niche.

Which of these have you started and which will you add to your routine going forward?

Let us know in the comments section 👇🏾