Social media is an important tool when looking for ways to build a business online.

When it comes to building a successful business online, your content has to be impactful for your target audience to discover your business and engage with it.

That way, you get more qualified leads that can lead to conversion, however, this isn’t how it works for many creative businesses even when they have already invested in quality content.

How do you get people to engage with the exceptional content you created for your brand?

In this blog post, we discussed the best practices to keep your audience engaged with your content.

1. Utilise Social Listening

 Social media engagement is a two-way interaction between your business and your audience.

It is important to understand what people are saying about your brand, this doesn’t only allow you to properly engage them and start a conversation but also monitor the conversation that people are having about your brand.

Social listening can also help you develop a social crisis plan for times when people may share a negative experience with your brand.

Social listening is a very powerful tool for your business when used the right way.

The most common tools used for social media listening include social mentions and google alerts.

2. Create Various Forms of Content

There are various social platforms, of which each has its unique content format, it is important to diversify your content as one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to social media platforms. 

Always repurpose any content you are posting to suit the platform’s style of content, this way it is easier for your audience to understand and engage with your content.

Each form of content has its unique benefits, different type of content also appeals to different segments of your target audience.

Additionally, there is no best content, you can decide to create various forms of content based on your customer journey map as it can help boost engagement.

3. Respond To Your Audience

When it comes to social media, posting and ghosting. When prospects leave a comment on your page or send a message, reply to those messages this fosters an environment for engagement.

People want to be seen and heard, and ignoring them might make them feel unimportant. 

Whether or not the comments are positive or negative, it is important to reply as responding to positive comments engages you and build an audience while the negative comments allow you to fix your customer service.

This way you can resolve customers’ issues and improve your social reputation on the internet.


Social media plays a crucial role in determining content performance because you can gain insight into how well your audience resonates with your audience.

It is also important to determine your overall business objective to monitor the right engagement metrics.

Engagement also goes beyond accumulating followers, it can also serve as social proof of your business and boost brand awareness.

The best way to build engagement on social media is to create quality content with which your audience can interact.

It is also important to also utilize social engagement to establish a long-run relationship with your audience.

Key Takeaways

  • Social engagement is a two-way interaction between a brand and its audience.
  • Social engagement is also crucial to determining your content performance.
  • Social engagement can be used further to establish a relationship with your audience.
  • Several factors like quality content, social listening and response to your prospects determine how well they engage your brand on social media.

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