Our guest today is Ms. Remi Osifo, the lead curator at Abuja City Tourist(@abujacitytourist). She discusses mental and physical health matters and how it affects our work as creatives and creators.

  • What does mental health mean to you?
  • How can we play our part to ensure a mentally aware society?
  • What was created the spike in creating awareness in mental health?
  • Have we done enough to help people manage their mental health better?


Mental health is sanity.

A lot of us struggle with mental health issues but never speak up about it due to the fear of rejection or societal stigma. Some of us have friends and family members who face or live in mentally or physically unhealthy situations on a daily basis.

Social media and work environment have helped create awareness for mental health. The productivity of an employee can be attributed to their mental health of the individual.

“Don’t be the reason someone goes home and want to kill themselves.”  We should be sensitive about our comments to one another. Ignorance is no excuse.


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