In today’s episode, our guest host is Charles Ofikhenual who is a visual artist and uses photography to tell story. He discusses the evolution of mobile photography, its relevance and effect on the creative industry. He started photography professional in 2014 and attention was on people creating great images.

  • What does mobile photography mean to you?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with advancing camera technologies and smartphones?
  • How can you improve your photography game to ensure that you stay a step ahead?

The technology of mobile photography has evolved and improved greatly in the past five years. Gadgets and editing software have contributed greatly in the quality of photos developed now.  Mobile phones have made it easier for street photography.

The differences between camera and mobile photography:

Cameras interpret the colour quality of a picture better than phone images.

Photography has grown beyond taking pictures. Mobile phones aren’t threats to camera photography. Mobile phones are just tools that have just improved the value of photographers because the type of cameras and lenses have developed greatly allowing better quality of pictures for wildlife and motion images.

“Always make us of the best tools or catalyst available to tell your story.”

How can professional photographers remain relevant?

Change is constant therefore it is important for photographers to grow with these new styles and technology. Don’t get trapped using an old technology and it is important to remain true to your style.