The age and time we live in is a very visual one.
Photography has become such an important skill and discipline due to its ability to visually represent the world we live in, our everyday lives and even our emotions.
In today’s social world, some photography trends are becoming increasingly popular and help us better relate to the visual images we see:


1. “No-edit” edit: Everyone loves real and relatable. We experience a feeling of belonging and sameness when a photograph has little or no edits, contains blemish and doesn’t entirely look perfect. This is because humans are not perfect. We don’t always have flawless skin or aligned hair, our streets are not always clean and tidy. The ability to take beautiful non-edited photographs that showcase the things around us is a skill that is priceless in today’s real world.


2. Selfies: Despite the evolution of technology to robots and virtual assistants, we still love the human touch. A selfie may not seem like a new trend but it very important in an age where people interact with more machines than humans. Attaching a face to your business and brand helps people relate more to you as an individual and connect with you better. Get creative with your selfies: – Take a selfie from the top of a hill/mountain
– Take a selfie with your pet, family or your closest friends
– Take an upside-down selfie


3. Filters: As the field of photography is advancing rapidly, tons of filters are created every day that add colour patterns, depths and even certain vibes to our photographs. Playing around with filters can provide different meanings to our photographs and help us express ourselves better; thus making our photos more relatable. Some filters give off a nostalgic feeling while others express power and strength. Try out different filters for a single photo, compare and contrast the look and feel of the photo and discover which what filters resonates more with your audience.


4. Black and white: The beauty of black and white photographs is this: Because there are no distracting colours, tints or hues, the viewer’s focus is shifted to the details, patterns and objects in the photo.
B&w photos tend to look more real and relatable than their coloured counterparts where attention is drawn to the “beauty” in the colours.
Remember that when editing a b&w photo, you still have control over things like shadows, exposure, contrast, structure etc., so get creative.

Learning social photography is a big step to taking photographs that are relatable and help your audience/ customers understand you better and connect to you as an individual and not just a business.
Remember that people love real. The more real and authentic you are, the more they would want to work with you.
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Thank you for reading.