To be able to sell a product, we must first understand what we are selling.

Analyzing our product/ service ensures that we know the ins and out’s of our sales offer.

A sales offer is an exchange of a product/ service for a financial asset (mostly money). Once we understand what we are selling in the different dimensions of sales, we can know how best to make irresistible offers to our customers and boost sales. Dimensions of sales enable us to look at the service we offer from different points of view, not just for what it is on the surface. Let us have a look at the dimensions:

1. Physical selling: This is a form of surface-level selling at the most obvious state.
Your customers receive a photo and give you money.
Physical selling involves the physical exchange of a product or service for a financial asset. A typical sales pitch here would look something like this:
– Get your photo taken and framed for N10,000
– Create your own hard copy photo album for N50,000
What is important in physical selling is that you understand at the barest minimum, what you are giving and what you are taking. Once you can communicate this clearly, you can sell physically.

2. Emotional selling: Emotional selling is most likely one of the strongest forms of selling a product/ service. This is because a majority of the actions we perform every day are because of one emotion or another.

Let us dig deeper into this:
Imagine you visit a shop nearby and find a pair of jeans you like. What comes to your mind first? More often than not, your first thoughts would circulate how you would look in those jeans or some problem that it can help you solve. These are emotional reactions and they prompt us to perform actions depending on how strong the emotions are.

Therefore the next time you wish to close a sale or you are pondering on why no one is buying from you, think of what emotions you drive in your customers.

If you are a wedding photographer, can you make your clients feel like they are truly the latest couple in town? Can you create photo books that fill the bride with so much pride that she shows them to every visitor she has?

No matter the product/ service you provide, your sales offer should centre around the emotions you can create.
– We capture amazing experiences such that you look young forever.
– All our baked goods are gluten-free so you never have to worry about belly fat.
– Your special day deserves its due recognition. Let us help you capture your story most beautifully.
In emotional selling, the emphasis is placed on the emotions our customers develop when they imagine using our product/ service.

3. Social selling: The last dimension of sales for this article is social selling. Because humans are social beings, we must satisfy the social aspect of their subconscious to make a sale.
There are a couple of factors that make up social selling.

They include:
– Social proof: This involves proving one’s authenticity and authority in a field by showing off reviews, customer testimonials, activity on their social platforms, endorsements, etc. These items show to your fanbase or customer base that you know what you are doing and other people who have trusted you did not regret it.

– Commitment and consistency: Customers need to know that you won’t back out after a sale or go MIA when something goes wrong. Do you offer cash-back if your customer is not satisfied? Do you offer free trials so your customer can test the waters before actually committing? As a business/ brand owner, you need to show your customers that you are in it for the long haul as this is the only way to get them to be committed to you.

– Reward systems: Do you know how much people love free stuff? A reward system is not all about giving out your service for free but also compensating loyal customers every once in a while. This way, they are sure to keep coming back because they understand that there are more rewards down the road.

What are you selling? Are you selling a physical product or a service? Are you selling emotionally? socially or physically?

Learn to critically analyze your products, know what you are selling and communicate your sales offer clearly to your customer.
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