Hi, I’m Dahlia Akhaine and I am covering a documentary series sharing people’s stories of our lives during the first 90 days of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Despite the fact that Covid19 seems to be fading away, it is still very much a reality and I want to document our voices in this historic era.

In this pilot episode of the #first90daysofcovid19 documentary series, our guest – Stephen Mbata shares his experiences on the first 90 days of the Coronavirus pandemic working as a cybersecurity officer in Montreal, Canada.
He talks about the highs and lows of being stuck indoors, his way of giving back to the community and the unexpected wins this period has brought him.
He urges all of our listeners to never waste a bit of time in doing something they really want to get done. Remember, tomorrow is never guaranteed so make the best use of today!

Join the conversation to get the full gist of Stephen’s first 90 days.
Thank you for listening!