In today’s episode, Folajimi Olujuyigbe (Founder of Jimishoots) talks with, Dahlia Akhaine on the issues photographers and creatives face regarding setting a price that works for them and their customers. His passion for photographing spurs across his childhood experience and watching his father whom was into videography. He credits his father as his major influence in taking up photographing.

  • How do you ensure your service is not undervalued?
  • How do you ensure your target market can afford your prices?
  • What factors do you consider when setting brand costs?
  • What advice do you have for creatives who are underpriced?

It is important to ensure that your costing covers props, lighting, shooting, editing, time and effort. So, he buttresses that costing is unique to different photographers. Your pricing strategy can positively or negatively affect a business. It is important to ensure that services rendered are worth your costing fee.

The issue faced with payment

It is difficult to get people to understand the amount of work involved in photography or the value of photography.

Don’t take a job that doesn’t match your pricing fee because it will affect you in the long run. “I shot myself on the foot for always changing too low because when it got to the biggest event in her life. She felts my services weren’t worth my asking price.” He discusses that it is necessary to always have a professional touch, this allows both friends and family to understand that your brand is a business.