Many business owners and creatives embraced the use of social media for their businesses after seeing the results it brought for others and competitors. 

Very few businesses and creatives have utilized the power of social media and have been able to record the successes and opportunities on social media, while some others are left in the pool of content marketing mistakes they have made on social media. 

If your content isn’t getting the right results on social media, here are the three reasons it is so. 


1. Your Content is Generic.

On average the attention span of people on social media has declined over the past years. To capture your audiences your content must have a unique proposition value.

Have you ever scrolled through a carousel and seen the exact image you found on a blog post and felt this content was copied and you skipped past it? 

For your audience to engage your content, your piece of content should have your brand tone and fulfil your content pillars. This way they will be open to listening to your business or brand.

 An evolving content type that assuredly fosters interaction between content and audience is short video content. As this content type continues to evolve, you can create short video content that is unique and reminds your audience of your unique brand proposition.


2. Your Content is not Valuable.

Admit it, you always go back to that blog, podcast or social media page of a specific business or brand because you get some sort of information you find valuable that happens because new knowledge is satisfying and replaces doubt or confusion.

Whilst a lot of businesses and creatives are trying to engage their audiences and elicit interaction from them, they might have probably created and distributed content inappropriately. All your content shouldn’t be with aim of always selling to your audience.

Your content needs to give value to your audience, they can become informed, educated, entertained. As a businesses owner and creative it is important to also prove your expertise, ensure you have a content outline to decide the purpose of that piece of content and most importantly write in a language your audience understands to promote readability.

 This way they will be sure they will get more the next time they come across your content, this is how to get the right results on social media.


3. Your Content Doesn’t Appeal to Your Audience.

Regardless of the industry, you are in, some type of content might become obsolete. It’s tempting to make the mistake of trying to cater to “everybody” but everybody is not your audience, you need to figure out who your ideal audience is and understand what they enjoy, so when they consume your content, it would get the needed results on social media. When you conduct audience research, you would be able to identify their interests.

You can understand your audience more by conducting surveys, using insights from the past content, using search engines to know what’s trending, and participating in conversations on social media about your industry. 

Content creation is essential but ensure your content is presented in the right form that will make consumption easy for your audience, content repurposing and content management are some fundamental skills to ensure each piece of content appeals to your audience.



Content in itself is great but valuable content is what produces results. Your content as a business owner or creative should always highlight the pain points of your prospects and help them solve those pain points.

Valuable content and the right social media strategy helps you focus on more targeted and effective plans that are expected to yield better results.

Content marketing has experienced a dynamic evolution over the past years, like the increase in demand for short video content. it’s important as business owners and creatives we also make progress and update our skills that is why we created a free training Confident Video Creation For Business Owners to enhance your skills to produce the right results.

See you at the training.