Lead generation is vital to promote organic sales for most creative businesses, it is not only an affordable way to grow businesses but it is sustainable in the long run.

Driving traffic to your website is just the first step when it comes to lead generation

Many creatives they generate more than enough leads with minimal results, this can happen due to a lot of reasons.

This blog post discussed the common mistakes business owners make when generating leads and how to avoid them.


1. You Do Not Carry Out Lead Verification

One of the most common mistakes creative business owners make is to just drive traffic to their website. 

While this is helpful to your growth online, not everyone who visits your site qualifies to be your customer.

Lead verification becomes necessary as this can improve your sales effort. Lead verification can be used for sorting and validation.

2. You Do Not Test-Run Your Lead Generation Processes

Together with your team, you develop this amazing lead generation strategy and implement it without reevaluating your lead generation process.

It is important to discover errors because this helps us develop more effective lead generation strategies in future as we know what previously worked and what did not.

3. You Do Not Nurture Leads

Generating leads can be time-consuming. Leads are often nurtured through certain stages before a purchase decision is made. 

Nurturing leads requires us to be familiar with your audience to know how they landed on your website and what exactly they need.

This is crucial because it allows you to understand their pain points, know the right call to action to use and finally know the right product or services to offer. 

Using outdated lead generation tactics like buying leads, and spamming random websites with a link to your website can make it hard to generate revenue in the long term as these leads usually have no interest in what you are offering to lead to low-quality leads.

4. You Do Not Have An Effective Call To Action

Your website should have a call to action that captures leads, Call to action is specifically crafted to meet your marketing goals. 

It could be for leads to access a piece of gated content, ask a question, or request a callback. Your landing page should have one focus as multiple calls to action can lead to a distraction that can make the leads uninterested. 

Build your landing page and have a compelling call to action that maximizes conversion.


Once you get a lead, the most important thing is to qualify your leads.

The main reason people visit your website is to get information to solve their challenges.

Let them understand how you can help them solve the challenges they face and never assume they will figure it out.

Ensure your leads fit into the description of your ideal customer profile, as they are more likely to convert into buyers.

This is very crucial to note because it’s not about how much traffic you get but the quality of traffic directed to your website.

Now that you are aware of common mistakes made when generating leads, we recommend that you avoid them and be patient as lead generation is just one step in your customer journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Driving traffic to your website is just the first step in lead generation.
  • Focusing on the quality of leads generated is so much more important than the number of leads generated.
  • People visit your website hoping to get information that can help them, telling your audience how your business helps their pain points is important.

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