Social media isn’t just about brand awareness and feasibility nor is it only about distributing content for engagement. It is also about achieving your sales goals and garnering revenue.

On social media, businesses and brands can achieve their goals in sales when done right. 

Some of the numerous benefits of social media content are listed below:

  • Distributing content on social media gives you credibility as a brand.
  • It also pushes you forward in the marketplace and amongst competitors.
  • It helps to drive brand growth and awareness.

With so many platforms out there it’s important to invest in the right channels and also understand the user intent of each platform before distributing content so you’re not spinning your wheels. 

Here are insightful hacks that will help will you create social media ‘sales-generating content:


1. Distribute Interactive Posts

Social media platforms are all about conversation rates. Unless you genuinely interact with your fans and target audience on your social media pages, you won’t be able to build a relationship.

A good way to achieve this is by mixing your content with varieties- do not let all your posts be only about sales and promotions, tap into the other aspects of the target audience’s life while keeping it in check with what your business and brand stands for. 

Remember to create valuable content that doesn’t always hard sell your product, but educates and engages customers instead.

2. Use Paid Ads To Attract More Audience.

 Paid Ads is another effective way that social media content can generate sales. It will push your business, brand or services to more audiences beyond your organic reach. 

Hence by using paid ads you are in a pool of hundreds of people who are in search of what your business or brand provides.



3.  Make Your Customers Your Brand Ambassadors.

People are more likely to purchase or patronize a business online when reviews, real-life experiences and feedback are shared as evidence of credibility. 

With this, it is advised that business owners and brand managers should often use customers to review their experiences and promote products sometimes in exchange for freebies or discounts. This will generate an increasing amount of engagement because such content will create a chain of marketing amongst the customer’s community and in turn lead to sales.

4. Encourage And Feature User-Generated Content.

 User-generated content (UGC) is organic content created by your customers and followers on their social platforms. 

This could either be photos taken by them that feature your product/service or content created by them for contests and giveaways. By reposting these photos/videos, it shows the authenticity of your brand.

According to Business Insider, customers that see user-generated content are 97% more likely to convert and purchase something than those who don’t. People prefer user-generated content as they can easily relate to a customer like them, compared to a professional photo taken by the company.

UGC is a great way to demonstrate social proof, the psychological and social phenomenon of people wanting to subconsciously copy the actions of others.

It is also a proven way to drive up sales.


5. Distribute Mobile-Friendly Content.

 People spend more of their time accessing social media from mobile devices than desktop devices. These users also tend to share social media content twice as much as those on desktop devices.

Given such trends, it is vital to have mobile-friendly social media content. Such content is generally shorter in length, so it can easily be viewed on mobile devices.



Generating sales on social media should not be about pitching people offers; because people come to social media to engage socially. Use social media as a leverage tool to promote your brand and increase sales. 

By taking advantage of the different social media platforms, you can boost sales without spending tons of money! With the above-listed hacks, you can skyrocket your sales.

Content Marketing is a form of social selling, it helps you engage with your prospects, build awareness and establish a relationship when done rightly. 

Take advantage of embracing content marketing across social media platforms as this helps you generate authentic leads faster.