Content Marketing has been used over the years by businesses and individuals to connect to their audiences by educating, entertaining and engaging them. It is less intrusive and provides value that can attract your target audience.

With content marketing ever-evolving we have seen exciting trends in the past years and we need to know what the future of content marketing holds in the coming years.

In this article, we are covering what the future of content marketing holds for creatives:



  1. Original Researches Will Foster Dynamic Content Marketing.

A quick search on the internet to find “content marketing ideas” will give you a lot of results like long-form content, creating pillar pages, and snackable content.  How does a creative then decide which type of content marketing works for them? 

This can be determined by when creatives put in the effort by carrying out original content research to know exactly what works for their audience.

Content marketing will become customer-focused and what better way to understand your customer than by developing content marketing strategies from original research that fit their product or service instead of using an already developed content marketing template that might not fully capture the marketing needs of your target audience.


2. Content Marketing Will Involve More User Interaction.

We have seen how effective content marketing is when it comes to showcasing the features and benefits of your products and services. Content marketing now involves user participation as we have seen creatives using content marketing tools like Spaces by Twitter, Reels Remix by Instagram, and virtual stickers by Instagram and Facebook as opposed to how passively content was previously consumed with no form of feedback.

Content marketing will continue to require user interaction in the coming year.



3. Content Marketing Will Focus More On Relevance and Authority.

Getting your business to rank on search engine result pages as a creative is exciting, with the rise of SEO trends like keyword research to help your work.

Some creatives have practised black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, and building irrelevant backlinks.

Search engines like Google have discovered this and now rank content that is relevant to the context of your blog or website.

Search engines especially Google now rank websites that demonstrate E-A-T that is expertise, authority and trustworthiness. 

Content marketing will continue to be effective based on its relevance to both the users and search engines in the coming year.


4. Content Marketing Will Become A Product Rather Than An Activity.

Marketing typically is an activity to promote sales and foster relationships, but content marketing is gradually becoming more than just an activity.

Some businesses have invested so much in content marketing that their target audiences have paid to keep seeing content because of its value. 

Some examples include Disneyland by Disney which has used content marketing to attract their target audiences who pay for the wonderful experience to see Disney Princesses, and shop the costumes.

We also have the Tristetix Shop which has created phenomenal pieces of content that resonate with a community and they are willing to pay for the value they get.

Initially, content marketing was considered as an activity to promote sales has now become a profit centre and this is the new wave we speculate will continue in the coming year.


Unsurprisingly, we have seen new predictions about content marketing in the past of which some eventually happened and some did not.

When you begin to strategize on content marketing as a creative, we suggest you try the trend relevant to your industry or business and always test run your strategy for validation.

Coming to the end of the article that has highlighted the opportunities that content marketing holds for you as a creative in the coming year, how do you intend to incorporate that into your marketing strategy?