Making sales is the main goal of many businesses regardless of whether they sell products or offer services.

Increasing sales is a major factor in building a successful business, most times as creative business owners making sales may be harder.

This happens because a lot of creative business owners because most of them are serviced-based businesses.

Learning the appropriate sales generation methods is very crucial as this will determine how much revenue your business makes to keep operating. 

In this blog post, we discuss some strategies that you can implement to increase your conversion optimization rate and generate more sales for you as a creative business owner.

Let’s get started.

1. Optimize Checkout Pages

Since this is the most common sales channel for a lot of businesses, it is important to make the checkout process easy for the leads who are interested in your product or services.

Do you know that 41% of people abandon their shopping cart because of the length checkout process?

This goes on to show that a lengthy checkout process can reduce sales online, ensure your checkout page isn’t lengthy and avoid asking for information like address, email, and phone number multiple times.

It is also important you provide multiple payment options as one payment option could restrict some prospects from carrying out a transaction.

2. Create Upsale and Downsale Options

Have you ever shopped from a website or visited a store? You might be familiar with the salesperson persuading you to get a similar product or service with more benefits for a slight increase in price. Upsales simply means a vendor persuading a customer to get a more expensive product or service that has more benefits or features. 

While down sales involve offering a customer an alternative option which is usually cheaper. Some customers really want a product or service but are hesitant because of the price.

Down sales can promote sales with clients who do not have money for the product or services they want, and show them a less expensive option if you have one.

Down sales promote brand loyalty while Up sales increase your profit margin. Note that customers have varying budgets and it is important to place that into perspective when setting your prices.

Creating alternatives can help you boost sales as they can select their preferred option.

3. Create A Referral Benefit

The most effective way to promote sales for your creative business is by referral. Most creative business owners struggle to get clients not because their services or products aren’t good enough, but because they don’t know where to get people in need of those services or products.

Utilizing your existing customer network to find new prospects is an effective way to boost sales for your business.

Creating a referral benefit is also a good way to also retain existing customers, however, it is important to know the right time to ask for a referral.

Asking for a referral should come after positive feedback, after a sale is closed or after customer service is offered.

Referral benefit is much more effective when the person making a referral and the person who gets referred benefits from the act.

It is also important to consider a referral benefit program for your business as it does not just increase sales, it has a low customer acquisition rate that can reduce the cost involved in acquiring new customers.

4. Place Advertisement

Advertising is the act of showcasing your business with the aim of attracting customers, and improving sales.

A common misconception is that advertising is used to attract new customers, Previous clients can also make a purchase because of an advert.

They are various forms of advertising on the internet but are generally categorized into two parts:

  • Intent Advertising: This type of advert is displayed to prospects or customers who have an intention of purchasing the services your business offers. Some examples of intent advertisement include Google Ads, Downloads of Freebies, and Demo session signups.
  • Intrusive Advertising: This type of advert is displayed to customers whether or not they showed the intent of purchasing a product or service. Some examples include YouTube Ads, Pop-up ads.

It is important to understand your target audience and know what form of advertising works to see get maximum return on advertising.


They are many strategies to increase sales online but it is important to understand your customers and reinvent your strategies to meet their needs.

Increasing sales ultimately focus on customer engagement as you can develop on their feedback to improve your sales strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding your customer will help you devise better sales strategies.
  • Trying out various sales techniques is crucial.
  • Sales promotion shouldn’t focus on only new customers.

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