Sales performance is one way to determine how profitable a business is. While this is not the easiest part of a business to improve on, it is important.

Businesses need money to cover the operational cost of running a business and generate revenue.

Sales promotion is an effective way to boost sales for your business. This doesn’t mean every example of sales promotion is effective.

It is important to consider other factors like the nature of your business, the period the sales promotion will last, and what sales promotion will appeal to your customers the most.

The rest of this blog post discusses sales promotion sales strategies that will create an increase in the demand for the products or services your business offers, boost sales and encourage repeat business.

What Is Sales Promotion?

Sales promotion is a strategy which is usually short-term in that a business uses mainly to increase sales of a product or service they offer.

There are additional benefits of sales promotions like raising awareness of a new product, guaranteeing customer loyalty, boost brand visibility and lead generation.

It might be similar to advertising but it isn’t the same as advertising.

 Advertising is a long-term strategy to generate leads by displaying the benefit of your product or services, Sales promotion is a short-term strategy to incentivize people to get the products or services your business offers.

How To Improve Sales Promotion 

How do you create worthwhile sales promotion methods that are effective for you as a creative business owner?

We list below various types of sales promotion ideas with examples to help you drive sales and increase revenue for your business.

1. Referral Discount

This sales promotion method is recommended for a lot of creative business owners because it is a sustainable way to get new and returning customers.

Did you know that over 92% of people try out businesses recommended by friends, family or acquaintances? 

A well-structured referral program will benefit all parties involved, that means the person recommending your business and the new lead trying out your business.

The benefit of referral discount is that it generates quality leads for the business.

2. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty program isn’t only a sales promotion idea, it strengthens customer relationships in the long run.

Rewarding clients who patronize your business makes them feel special and encourages them to make more purchases.

Loyalty program is nevertheless a seasonal sale promotion technique though it is effective in the long run.

When creating a loyalty reward program it is essential to pick the right time, the right reward action, the duration of the program and the proper channels.

3. Product Bundles

One way to improve sales as a creative business is by categorizing the product or services.

Individuals might have a difficult time choosing from the wide range of services you offer, one way to help out is to reduce the number of options you make available.


Increasing sales as a creative business owner take delibrate effort. It is vital to be aware of important factors like customer activities, best sales strategy and technique to ensure your sales promotion is beneficial.

While implementing sales promotion techniques, include how buying from your business can be beneficial to customers.

Customer satisfaction is major driving factor of sales.

Key Takeaways

  • Sales promotion has other benefits asides increasing revenue for your business.
  • Customer satisfaction is a major reason customers buy from you, highlight the benefits of your product or services.
  • Sales promotion should not just focus on new customers, returning customers can also patronize your business.