For successful business owners and creatives, only those who create memorable experiences for their clients stand the test of time. Many still struggle with leaving a mark on their clients, which should not be the case for creatives businesses hoping to make profits or expand their current audience.

There are many things to be learned from existing prominent brands practices that can help make your clients remember you.

In this blog post, we discussed several branding techniques that can be studied from existing brands and adopted for use.

1. Create a Memorable Experience

One important element of branding is the ability to stand out from competitors. That includes creating memorable experiences that will stick with your clients.

Almost everyone has an expectation even before patronizing a business. It is important that business owners understand and utilize those expectations by ensuring they meet the expectations of prospects and clients.

Over time, people who get better customer experiences from your brand would not only return to patronize the business, they can refer or recommend your business to other people who need your product or services.

2. Create a Brand Recall Element.

How often do you instantly recall a brand when you come in contact with the product or service?

Being top of the customers’ mind when they think about the product or service you offer is called brand recall, It doesn’t only give you a competitive edge but also increases your likelihood of getting more clients from referral.

A unique way to create a brand recall element is to find your niche as a creative business owner and develop a brand profile that would amplify your brand purpose.

Also, remember to focus on brand reputation and identity all potential risk factors that can ruin your brand’s reputation and come up with a crisis communication plan.

3. Create a Brand Message

A well-crafted brand message resonates with the ideals and goals of the organization. In creating a brand message, you are building a relationship with your customers and prospective customers hence always make sure that your message resonates with your brand image and ideals.

Furthermore, a brand message should always reflect the tones and personality of the existing brand. 


Customers have expectations before they make a purchase from you, fulfilling these expectations makes it easy for more clients to remember you when they need a product or service that you provide.

Practices such as creating a memorable customer experience, defining your brand identity, creating a well-understood brand message are all elements that make it easier for clients to not only remember you but also get you more customers.

Branding can aid your marketing strategies as it can increase the likelihood of getting new clients.

Key Takeaways

  • Creating a memorable experience increases your likelihood of being referred, recommended and makes it easier for previous clients to do business with you again.
  • Brand recall value is how easy clients and prospects remember your brand when they think about the product or services you offer.
  • A well-crafted message makes your client understand the promise you are trying to fulfil to them.